Wednesday, February 27, 2013


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1. When were you last facing an ocean? Using just ONE word, describe how you felt as you faced that ocean.
 I'm thinking its been about nine months since I've been to the ocean.  "Peaceful" is my word!

2. What are three sounds you hate to hear?
  1. The phone ringing in the middle of the night, it's never a good thing.
  2. My daughter crying.
  3. Parents belittling/yelling at their children.
3. This question comes to you courtesy of some real life friends. Hi real life friends! When you shop for yourself, do you try everything on in the store before buying or do you buy, try on at home, and then return what you don't like or what doesn't fit?
I will sometimes buy a blouse without trying it on because I can usually tell by looking but otherwise I will try everything else on. I hate returning things!
4. February 26th is National Pistachio Day...are you a fan of the little green nut? Do you use them in cooking and baking or prefer to eat them right out of the shell?
Yes I am a fan of Pistachio's. The only time I have ever used them was when I use to make a pistachio cake but that used pistachio pudding in it.

5. When did you last have to compromise with someone? Were you happy to reach the compromise or slightly irritated it was necessary?
I cannot remember the last time I had to compromise. I am better at it than I use to be.  

6. Have you ever written a letter to an elected official? Did you get a response?
No I haven't.
7. We 'March' into a new month at the end of this week...what's something on your March calendar guaranteed to make you smile?
We will celebrate Tristen's 30th birthday and that will make me smile. I love Tristen like she was my daughter in law even though her and our son Adam are not married. She always picks a nice place to eat in LA too so that will also make me smile.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
Okay it's pretty s.h.a.k.e.y but I wanted to show you these flameless candles. I bought them from QVC for Christmas but we have decided to leave them out all year. They are by Luminara and are amazing. I have them set to go on each evening around 5:30 and turn off at 10:30.  The reflection on the ceiling is also beautiful to watch.  

Also for those of you who are loving Downton Abbey I finished Season 2 and OMG so much happened. Mark had watched a few episodes over the weekend and I asked him if he wanted to keep watching. He said no but after watching episode 8 and the Christmas Special on the last disk I couldn't wait to tell him what happened. What a great season! So Season 3 is on it's way.....
Shout out to my friend Chatty Crone who has a birthday today! Head on over and give Sandie some birthday love!


  1. Nothing unnerves me more than the phone waking me up from a deep sleep. My heart always races and I brace myself for whatever news I'm about to hear. Those flameless candles are so neat! I've never heard of them before, but sure would love some myself!

  2. The phone ringing in the middle of the night, waking me up from a deep sleep, is jarring enough in its own right ... but then when you realize that it can't be good to be getting a phone call in the middle of the night, well, it's just plain unnerving!

  3. I haven't seen the ocean in too is scarey when the phone rings in the middle of the night

  4. Alarm clocks are in my top three of sounds I hate! Especially if they go off at 4.30 because I have to go to work! Yuck

  5. I forgot about the phone ringing in the middle of the night. That is definitely on my list!

    Hope you have a great day : )

  6. Answer #2 I so agree...the worst! Everyone around my neck of the woods has the lighted candles in every kind of freaks my out....reminds me of a scary movie....I like them on a fireplace or table. Happy Birthday to your DIL....and Happy Wednesday!

  7. I hate those late-night phone calls, too!
    Wow, your candles look real.

    I'm on the Christmas episode of season 2 of Downton Abbey. Can't wait to see what's going to happen next!!!

  8. I always feel calm when I see the ocean.

  9. I do agree about the phone ringing at night, usually is not good news. I do like those candles!


  10. I love those Luminara candles. I agree 100% with you about phone calls at night. I had a wrong number two nights 2:30. I nearly came out of my skin.

  11. I agree with not liking those sounds. The candles are such a great idea and they look beautiful!

  12. Hate going back to return things as well. Love the candles, they look so real! Really loved Downton Abby as well. Great show.

  13. It has been 5 months for me and "Peaceful" is my word too. Hope you are doing well, have a great week.

  14. I'm dying to get to season 2 of Downton Abby!! I keep hearing amazing things for each season!

  15. A phone ringing in the middle of the night can be funny, sort of, when your grown children call you at 2 AM while partying with friends and playing trivia and calling you to ask a trivia question. Sheesh. :)

  16. Ok so I downloaded the PBS app just so I can start watching along with you all. We cancelled Netflix because something went on and all the Wii's (all 3 of them) in the house wouldn't let us stream :(. So I may miss the first 2 seasons, unless I can figure out a way to watch.

    I'm loving those candles. My friend has a red set of the pillar ones and she leaves them up all year round too, they are so pretty.

  17. I have read several other posts now with some things that they hate to hear that I agreed with, but a ringing phone in the middle of the night IS the best. How we all hate that! It can't be anything good. I love the candles, and you say they can be put to on timers or programmed? Perfect! Hope you had a good day!

  18. So true, when the phone rings in the middle of the night, it is always bad. Even if it is some prank or wrong number, still bad they woke you up, right? haha

  19. I forgot about the phone ringing in the middle of the night one that could easily be added. Candles -I love-looks so peaceful.

  20. I think you will enjoy Downton #3 even more Debby. Can't wait to hear where Tristan picks for bday. Our daughter's bday is March and she has already declared her choice, a Nepalese Restaurant - my kids are more adventurous than we are... Get thee to the beach! Ann

  21. I often dream about the phone ringing in the middle of the night.


    Those calls are rarely good calls!

    I'll head over and wish Sandie a Happy Birthday, belatedly. Thanks for the heads up.

    Have a great Thursday, Debby.

  22. I would rather try the clothes on in the store than return them too.

    LOVE pistacios-my favorite nut! :-)

  23. You're so right about the wee hours telephone ring...jarring!

  24. I love reading these posts and hope to join up more when I have time in the summer... I've written our state reps and governor countless times~ sadly with little replies. I've lost hope in them. I LOVE pistachios! I never buy them but eat them at my folks' since my dad often has them! <3

  25. I'm with you Debby...I don't like my dgt's crying or the phone ringing in middle of night. and the ocean - yep. It is peaceful. We live near the water and it's incredibly calming. I have written a letter to an elected official and did get a reply back. Wishing you a beautiful Friday....

  26. I hate returning things, too, so I pretty much always try things on.

    And pistachios are also good in salads.

  27. There is no good phone call in the middle of the night - they scare me to death. And I hate returning things too. We are a lot a like.

  28. And you are soooooooooooooooooo sweet mentioning my birthday - I saw it as I was leaving girl.

  29. your first answer to #2 is right on. i hate that sound...


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