Wednesday, August 5, 2020


1.  What's happening where you live in terms of schools opening? How do you feel about it?

I honestly have no idea. I'm not sure what to think but parents need to go back to work. 

2. What's something you still do 'old school'?

I'm not sure if this is old school but I like to send out thank you notes, birthday cards and Christmas cards. I still like to buy music CD's. I like to hold a book in my hand and I have a wall calendar, along with a pocket calendar. (15 things to do the old fashioned way)

3. August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Will you/did you celebrate by baking a batch? Eating a batch? Nuts or no nuts? Homemade or store bought? Soft and chewy or do you prefer your cookie to snap when you bite into it?

No I won't be baking any because I don't need to eat them. It would be unusual for us to buy store bought cookies. If I bake cookies I do like them chewy and I like nuts in them. 

4. What are you starved for?

Hugs from my family!

If your asking about food I could go for a L'oven Chicago pizza in Florida or Aurelio's Chicago pizza which we can get in Las Vegas. 

5. Anything new and interesting on your August calendar? What is one thing you're looking forward to this month?

My calendar is pretty empty this month. Looking forward to our weekly visits with Adam, Gabby and James. 

Big Brother is starting tonight and I love watching it each summer. 

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Remember how I couldn't decide if I should bring James the airplane pajamas or wait for his birthday in October. I took them there Friday with our social distancing visit. I also bought him the Fisher Price Airplane which he really enjoyed. 


Laurel Wood said...

I love to hold a "real" book, too. I also like choosing cards and mailing them to friends/family. The pj's and plane you gifted little James are too cute! Wishing you a nice day.

Ann said...

Since I don't have kids in school any more I don't follow what's going on. I think they are planning on half going at a time while the other half does online. That makes it pretty hard for people who work.

How cute those pajamas are and a toy to match. I bet he loved them

Sandra said...

I would have done the same thing! When I used to do Christmas shopping I always had to wait until close to Christmas because if I bought it two or three months ahead I couldn't stand it and I wanted to give it so I couldn't do early shopping. I think you did the right thing by taking him the gift now. It's been three and a half years since I had a cookie of any kind or anything sweet and I would pretty much devour a whole bag of Oreos if I could! I think just about the only thing I do old-school anymore is I don't use a GPS I much prefer a map now I do look up the address on Google Map and that my way and my head but I don't use the GPS

Mara said...

I love my Kindle, but if a book is good, I will get the paper version as well.
I have my paper diary and also the one on my phone. The paper one stays at home so my parents can see when I am at work.

Gloria Albin said...

Love the pajamas and plane you gave to little James, they are so cute!
I enjoyed your answers today.
Have a great Wednesday my friend.

Chatty Crone said...

I bet you miss holding James.
Thanks for telling me about BB!
You know Kelly is a teacher. She was told she was going to teach in the school. Then they told her they were teaching out of the school. Now they are saying they are going back. She is going nuts! As well as the parents I am sure.

Martha@SeasideSimplicity said...

Yep, hugs from family is what I said too. I hate having to social distance from them. So glad James loved his PJs and new toy. Have a great day :)

betty said...

So glad you brought James the airplane and the pajamas!! I bet he loved the airplane!! Grandson did for weeks afterwards.

The first hug I got from son after 2 months was right before Mother's Day. I didn't care about getting sick, I was just so glad for the hug!!


ellen b. said...

It's hard for me to wait when I find special things for the grands! :)
Love the jammies and that airplane! I was nodding my head on all the things you listed for your answer to #2. Hope the rest of your week goes well!

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Hey Debby,
I agree with all of your "old school" things you do. I do the same! Call me old fashioned :)

Our sons and grandsons both had fisher price airplanes and they loved them too. (I still have them)

Enjoy watching Big Brother. I think we're going to pass, this year.

Kathy (Reflections)

Mevely317 said...

How my WWII aviation-loving hubby would LOVE those pajamas!
I remember my mother setting up the card table and making me sit down and write thank-you notes. Tho' I hated doing so, I'm a little sad that custom has waned. I've never seen Big Brother but may check it out -- sooooo weary of summer TV fare. Have a great day!

The Feminine Energy said...

Awwwww.... the Little People toys!! I have a bin or two down the basement, with some of these exact type toys in it. I suppose I'll have to get rid of them eventually, as oldest daughter's girls are 11 & 9... and middle son & his wife have decided to not have children... and youngest daughter (22) doesn't know if she'll ever get married & have children. But I keep hanging on to them "just in case". Love, Andrea xoxo

Tanya said...

Awweee Those little pajamas are adorable!
I did not know that Big Brother was still on!? I watched it when it first started but have not watched it in years.

Pam said...

1. What's happening where you live in terms of schools opening? How do you feel about it?
In the county I live kids are going virtual for now. Subject to change as the numbers drop. But we are one of the biggest counties and Nashville is our state capital so I don't see numbers dropping to fast at all. As for my grands, they live 1.3 hours away and their numbers are really low. Kids went to school today. How do I feel about it. I can't give a good answer on what I think is the best way to handle it...however our kids need to be back in school, they need to be learning. Would I want to send my kids to school. NO...not happy about grands going but my daughter works and my son in law, who was laid off just started a new job so he works. There would be no one there to make sure they were on the computer at the correct time and doing what they needed to do. There is not a good way to handle this mess our world is in.
2. What's something you still do 'old school'?
I use a paper calendar. I keep apts in it, I write down everything in it. I will not use my phone.

3. August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Will you/did you celebrate by baking a batch? Eating a batch? Nuts or no nuts? Homemade or store bought? Soft and chewy or do you prefer your cookie to snap when you bite into it?

Nope...I did not eat, bake or buy any choc chip cookies....seems like I missed out..haha
4. What are you starved for?

PEOPLE....friends, times out. I have been around my family this whole time but with the kids going back to school I might need to watch that.

5. Anything new and interesting on your August calendar? What is one thing you're looking forward to this month?
Well I do not have a bunch on that paper calendar as of yet. Weddings still have not picked up at the venue so unless there is a call for one I don't have any of them on the calendar. I do have a small paint party coming up. I have cut those down from 15 folks to 6. With me keeping distance. The couple that own the wedding venue have a Julies bday party and their anniversary party coming up. I am sweating that cause there will be a lot of folks there. I am going, mask on and I am going to carry my camera..that way I will keep a distance and stay busy so I will not be talking to folks. I will prob eat and not stay long, then home I will go.
haha..I don't watch Big Brother. Never have. I don't watch Survivor or any of those types of shows. I just want my shows to come on....

6. Insert your own random thought here.
well since I am sitting here on my rear playing in blogland I am thinking I need to get up and get my rear moving....try to do something...

photowannabe said...

Great questions for today...
I think Distance Learning is going to be so difficult. Our Gov. of CA says no in-room teaching until at least Nov. Of course that will change weekly, daily, hourly it seems. I feel so badly for the parents that need to go to their jobs...what are they to do?
I guess I'm pretty old school. I send birthday cards,thank you's and Christmas cards.
I like holding a book too and don't want to read on my laptop. I have a paper calendar right on my desk (aka...the end of the dining room table)My life is written on it..birthdays, appointments, etc. I would be lost without what's written down. It ends up being my journal too.
Thanks for the reminder about BB..I will give it a try again. It got so ugly the last few years that I'm not sure I want to see it again.
Have a great day Debby..

Debi said...

I love the pajamas that you got for James and how neat to find a toy that goes along with them. I bet he was a very happy boy!

Carla from The River said...

I have no idea how they plan to do school here as well. I heard today they are having another meeting tonight. I am so thankful we are done with all that. Sam is starting his college courses on 8/24. He will attended in class room learning on campus Tuesday and Thursday. The other classes are all on line.
I love calendars.. and I will always have one. I write out cards too. I guess I am old school with you.
xx oo
I LOVE the airplane P.J.'s.

Joyce said...

Real books are my favorite, but I'll read on the kindle app now and then, usually when I haven't been able to get to the library. The pjs are adorable! I have that airplane at my house for the boys to play with and its well loved. Stay well!

Willow said...

I too love real books. I am reading on my Kindle a lot right now because we can't get paper books from the library and all my books are packed for moving.
Oh, I love those airplane pjs! I know a couple of boys who would like them too.

Tammy Enjoy Life said...

I love to hold a 'real' book. Speaking of CDs, I was talking to a friend last evening and she and her hub were car shopping. The dealer asked them if they would like to have a CD player BECAUSE that would cost extra to install!! SMH at this!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Cute pjs!

School started in the county I used to work in Friday. I haven't heard yet from patients how it went. It worries me to think of what a viral stew the schools will be.

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