Wednesday, June 23, 2021


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1. What's something that reminds you of your grandmother? Tell us why. 

I have my grandmothers wooden ironing board on my dad's side and my grandfather's Singer sewing machine on my dad's side which makes me think of them all the time. 

However I am going with my mom's mom. Chocolate chip cookies remind me of her. My grandparents would come and stay in our fixed up basement in the summers. They were living in Florida by that time. She made the very best and I remember waiting for those cookies to be baked. I could smell them coming up through the house from the basement.  

See was an amazing cook, everything she made was unbelievable from meals to bakery. Adam makes an awesome chocolate chip cookie that reminds me of hers. 

2. Is your life currently more 'moonlight and roses' or a little more 'every rose has it's thorn'? Elaborate. 

Here come downer Debby. My answer is 'every rose has it's thorn." Well if you read the post about my brother that pretty much says it all right now. The things I have to deal with right now are getting the best of me. 

3. June 23rd is National Pink Day...favorite thing you own in any shade of pink? Favorite thing found in nature in any shade of pink? Your favorite pink food or beverage? Your favorite shade of pink? 

I own these faux flowers but they haven't arrived yet. I'm going to go with flamingo from nature. I'm going to say pink champagne for a drink.  Favorite shade of pink... honestly I think I like most shades of pink. 

4. Last thing that "tickled you pink?"

I'm thinking the last thing that tickled me pick are some of the veggies that are growing in our garden.

5. What are two or three words that describe your style. 

Eclectic in the house, Bohemian in several things and casual in clothes. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

In case you didn't see this on Facebook, we were at Adam and Gabby's on Saturday. We celebrated Father's Day which started out with swimming in the pool. 

Adam, Gabby, James and Mark in the pool. 

Mark with James.

Jump to daddy....123

And then there was an evil bug in the pool. James was saying to Mark "bug" as he reached to get it out of the pool. Well it was a bee which stung him on his finger. He obviously started crying and his finger started to swell. 

Adam got the stinger out and I went to got a bag of ice to put on it while Gabby was consoling him. Adam went to get a bandage and the Benadryl. It was so sad, he was crying and shaking. 

Then he settled down and wanted to get dressed. Gabby put pajamas on him. He was having a hard time with being able to drink his milk or water because he didn't want to use his right hand. 

So I suggested that we sit on the couch and watch a movie. That's usually my activity with him. Well I just got him all settled in and I think this picture says it all!!!

Then he bounced back and we started building with Lego Duplo which are for toddlers. Then after dinner he decided he wanted Papa to give him a bath even though they had not plans on bathing him because he had been swimming. He's likes Papa to give him a bath because he likes to splash him. He doesn't get away with that with Adam and Gabby. 


Ann said...

Aww, poor little guy. That must have hurt. Love the picture of his boo boo hand up on the pillow.

R's Rue said...

What a cutie. I’m glad he was all better after a little while. Have a blessed day.

Little Penpen said...

Oh the smell of chocolate chip cookies!! Your kids have a nice pool! That’s a sweet picture of James, resting with his hand on the pillow. ❤️ How is your brother?

Martha said...

Never mind Downer Debby, I answered that life is like a dormant rosebush right now, all sticks and thorns lol. It's so true though. Great photos but I feel so bad poor little James got stung!

songbird's crazy world said...

Bee stings are horrible, I feel for the poor little guy.

what's happening with your brother is very heavy duty, Sorry.

betty said...

James is so cute! They do bounce back after getting hurt but they need that "down time" to process it all I think. Glad you are back to being around him and interacting more closely with him. I know both you and Mark are enjoying that very much!

Life for you over the last 15 months has not been easy, Debby. Its been very stressful and sad for so many reasons. Just when you think something might be getting better than something else happens and puts you right back where you were. Be easy on yourself. Give yourself the rest you need; don't commit to things you can't do; and don't beat yourself up.

Praying for you,


Willow said...

I'm sorry you have to deal with all that with your brother. But I'm glad he has you. Just do what you can.
Your little grandson is just so cute! Let's hope that the owie doesn't make him always afraid of bees.

MadSnapper said...

Someday your precious James is going to enjoy all of these pictures so much. Such great memories will pop into his head that he has forgotten but these pictures will bring them back. I like all the things about your grandmother's and red hair makes me think of my dad's mom. I am tickled pink with my new Chromebook

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh Debby - James is the cutest thing I have ever seen and it was grandma to the rescue! You are so loved.

Mevely317 said...

Ugh on that bee bite! Poor guy! Is he no longer wearing the green pool alarm thing you guys bought?
I'm not really a 'pinky' person, but love the 'cameo pink' faux flowers. Hope you'll show us where you decide to put them.
Deep breaths, girl! I'm prayers for you and your brother's situation.

Joyce said...

Oh goodness, I just caught up on your brother's situation. I'm sure that is very stressful and am glad you at least made contact and are getting the ball rolling. Take it one step at a time, as the big picture might be overwhelming. Hugs to you and I will add him to my prayers...if you want to message me his name I love to be specific. Take care. So glad you have James to bring smiles and joy to your days.

Carla from The River said...

Hi Debby,
I am praying for all the decisions you will have to make.
I enjoyed your random, it is always fun to hear how James is doing and see his cuteness.

Mara said...

Whenever I get stung by a bee, I use vinegar. Not sure whether it helps, but that's what we did when I was younger.

I love pink: cotton candy would be my favourite!

The Feminine Energy said...

Awwwww... poor little fella!!! I hope he's feeling better by now, bless his handsome little heart!! And hang in there, Debby, about your brother. I have no words of wisdom but be assured of my thoughts & prayers, honey. Such a hard situation!! ~Andrea xoxoxoxo

Susan said...

Looks like things turned out really nice until that bee sting. We always have the grands shower after the spa to get the chemicals off. He sure looked cozy on the couch. Do you plan for some beach days? Enjoy the rest of your week!

Kirstin said...

Awww....poor little guy. That's always hard. I love that your memory is chocolate chip cookies.

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