Friday, July 23, 2021


Monday morning I had to be at the hospital at 7 am for an angiogram so I was up at 4:45 to shower and get ready. The hospital is about an hour away and you can never trust that traffic will be good. 

This was something that was talked about back in February with my cardiologist when I was having the breathing issues and we wanted to make sure that the shortness of breath wasn't my heart. It wasn't fun but we left the hospital to head home around 1 pm. All was well, no blockages found. Yay! 
My brother's attorney is literally a Godsend. He has been so wonderful. I don't know what my sister and I would have done without him. I won't go into some of the details but he has packed up his apartment and will be having someone come to take all the furniture away. He took pictures of everything to see if my sister or I wanted something. 

He also came to us with a request to lower his price when he is doing things that anyone could do. Things that you don't need an attorney for. We don't have plans made yet to go to Milwaukee but I have to say that I can't wait to meet this man and give him a big hug!! 

If you didn't read the post about him passing away last Saturday you can read it HERE.

Also, speaking of my brother there was article written about my brother that you can read HERE. Now this article was going to print having nothing to do with his passing. It was just about his career which is something the gentleman does who wrote it. However the timing was perfect. He contacted me through Facebook and he ended up making it a memorial for Raymond. He did however get the day wrong in his last minute fix but not the date. 
I had my second gel injection in my right knee yesterday. I've had these before and they definitely have helped usually lasting about a year for me. Praying that they continue to work because if that is not the case then it turns into a knee replacement. At least that is what happened with my left knee. Steroids and gel injections did nothing at all. 
My best friend who bowls with me has been trying to see my since the pandemic. Basically since March of 2020. She offered several times to come over and we would visit outside at a distance. We live about 25 miles away from each other but I just never felt like it. I was a bit of a poop during the lockdown. 

Yesterday after my gel injection I met up with her. We talked for two hours and it was awesome. Bowling does start in September. I want to go but I do have two issues that may change that. I don't want to wear a mask for 3 hours but I might. 

The alley is not allowed to ask anyone about being vaccinated so there is still a risk involved. Also we don't know what will actually be happening in our country in September. 

The other issue I have is on my right hand and it is a finger that goes into a hole in the ball. I get a steroid shot about 2 times a year in the knuckle and this time it lasted about 10 days and then all hell broke loose. It hurts all the time. Will most likely get a referral to a hand doctor. 
We are seeing Adam, Gabby and James tomorrow. It's been over two weeks since we went to Downtown Disney. I can't wait......


Ann said...

What a Monday morning you had getting up that early. At least you had good results.
That attorney sounds like a great guy. Nice to have someone helping with all that stuff.
That last picture with the snails cracked me up.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I enjoyed this newsy post, and I must say, that attorney is a blessing for sure! I can imagine how difficult that would all be for you and and your sister to try and manage from a distance. So glad you were able to visit with your friend after so long. I hope you can join back with bowling in the fall. Praying you won't have to mask up to do so. And I hope your finger/knee/etc. all feel better too. I love the snail cartoon! That's so cute. Enjoy your weekend with the family! That makes for a perfect ending to a somewhat long and stressful week. Take care and God bless!

MadSnapper said...

After reading about your knee I'm wondering why they never offered Bob the gel shot maybe it was too bad for him because they did get him two shots but did not offer the g e l you certainly have a lot going on and have had and will have it looks like and lots of decisions to make. Sounds like you won't be getting bored anytime soon either. I'm so happy for you that the attorney turned out to be a godsend for your brother and for you and your sister

Little Penpen said...

It sounds like things are falling into place in your world. May God bless your brother’s attorney for his kindness!!

Mevely317 said...

I totally get your concerns about early-morning traffic delays. Living in Phoenix, I totally turned into a 'hurry up and wait' type ... rather sit in a parking lot with my coffee and Facebook v. chewing nails in a traffic jam.
Praises for that gem of an attorney ... your visit with your BF, too! (Mine lives in Florida, but we visit on the phone the first of each month.)

Martha said...

So glad all went well at the hospital and so happy to hear how awesome the attorney has been. Glad you were able to spend some time with your best friend finally too. Have a great time with Adam, Gabby and James tomorrow! :)

Chatty Crone said...

I like the snails beach house.
Well I am glad you have no blockages. I am glad you got with a friend I think that helps us. I hope the gel shots works for you.
Bowling - can you just go and watch to have time with friends?
Love, sandie

Cathy said...

I enjoyed reading about your week. Glad is all going well with your brother's estate and that he has such a good attorney. Hope you'll be able to bowl since I know you love it.

Have a great weekend.

The Feminine Energy said...

I am so very very sorry about the loss of your brother, Debby. May he rest in eternal peace. God bless his soul... and bless all of you who mourn his passing. What a great attorney! ~Andrea xoxoxo

betty said...

Yay with the heart testing coming out with great results! I did enjoy that article about your brother. Nice tribute to him! Hoping the knee injection is successful so you can postpone a knee replacement. How fun to spend time with your friend too. Much needed I would imagine. Have fun seeing James this weekend!


Secret Agent Woman said...

Good news on the no blockages. Hope the knee injections help!

photowannabe said...

Good news on no blockages...hope the gel works for a good long time.
Cute cartoons.
I'm so glad you were able to finally see your good friend. That does a whole lot for the attitude..I know it does for me.

Cindy said...

I'm glad the angiogram showed no blockages!
Your brother's attorney sounds like a huge blessing. I can only imagine getting all that done long distance.
My husband has those gel injections in his knees as well. They've always helped him too. Too bad the gel isn't permanent!

Carla from The River said...

Hi Debby,
Wow, I was so happy to read about the attorney. In today's world it is refreshing to read about GOOD PEOPLE and GOOD ACTIONS!
Thank you for sharing!

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