Saturday, October 23, 2021


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This is basically what we saw, James crying a lot. He was not happy and as it turned out he wasn't feeling well. They actually took him to urgent care 2 days later. (no covid)

We were dropped off and Adam, Gabby and James went to park the car. I'll try to make this short. It took Mark and I over and hour in line to get into the park. Then we waited for Adam, Gabby and James for about another 30 minutes. The above pictures were taken while we waited for them to get in. 
The crowds were like nothing I have ever seen before at Disneyland. I remember telling Mark, as we walked through the gates into the Main Street area, that the crowds will thin out as people start going to the different destinations in the park. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Crowds everywhere!!!!

So we went over to the Autopia ride. The line of course was long and you were next to people constantly as you were weaving through the line. This seemed to frighten James. Let's remember that he was 1 1/2 when the shutdown happened and hadn't even been in any stores for close to a year. 

So he finally got to go on the ride, we did too, and he was smiling when we got off. He did enjoy it. Then we went over and road the train around the entire park which he also enjoyed. There was one section that goes through a tunnel which has dinosaurs which he wasn't thrilled about. After we got out of the tunnel he said "no dinosaurs!" 

Gabby's sister and husband were also there with their two children but we were doing different things. They went over to another ride so we took their son Dean with us to Mickey's Tunetown. The boys had some fun in Tunetown. 

Dean, Inara and James. (cousins)

Over at Cinderella's Castle there were some rides we would have liked James to go on but the ride for Dumbo was over an hours wait. James was miserable and the decision was made to take him home for a nap and come back later.  Adam and Gabby live nearby. James did however enjoy being on a bus to and from the parking lot. 

So in preparation of going to Disneyland Gabby was telling James that he was going to Mickey's House. When we got back to their house he kept saying "No Mickey's House!" Also Gabby had asked him if he was tired and he said "No, sick mommy." 

Before I tell you about the rest of the day I want to tell you that ornament premiere was in July and I try to get James a Mickey Mouse ornament. This is what I had bought him, beside a few others. I ended up giving this one to him at his birthday party. I wanted Adam and Gabby to see that the one ride he went on was what I ended up buying him in July. So now, over the years, that will be a story that will be told to him. 
So as we are driving home Gabby was on her phone and ordered food for us. We hadn't even eaten yet. We get home and they tried to give James something to eat but he ended up just going down for his nap. 

So the food came and not unlike the rest of our day, it was a disappointment. The Doordash person gave us the wrong order. A meal for one person from a different restaurant. We got credit and ended up eating left overs from the night before. 

They had decided not to go back. So we ended up going home. Now if we had gone back we would have experience a thunder, lightning, hail and rain storm!!! 

It just wasn't our day! We will however try again when he's a little older. 


Susan said...

Poor James, so sorry he wasn't feeling well to enjoy the park. It was busy at Downtown Disney a couple of weeks ago. I am hoping it won't be so busy once the Christmas season starts. I think a lot of people really like Halloween.

Ann said...

Aww, poor James. It's hard to enjoy something when you don't feel well. I have never been to Disney but I can tell you for sure I would not like waiting in line for an hour for anything.

Little Penpen said...

Awwww, poor little guy. Next time will be much better!!

MadSnapper said...

Murphy must have been riding on your shoulder that day. sorry for the celebration that was not. but at least he did have some fun with his cousins and all of you got to see each other... the doordash was the non icing on the cake, wow.... I do not like crowds or waiting in line. if you think James acted up you should see bob in a line. wait you will never see him in a line, he refuses...

Chatty Crone said...

Poor James, I am so sorry James wasn't feeling well enough to enjoy the park. I tell you what - when a little one is sick - you just can't help them. Those photos were so colorful and beautiful. Your DIL is cute as a button.
Well my kids are going to Disney World this Christmas - can you say $$$$. I can't believe the hoops they are going through to get in and times and hotels and restaurants. I think the old Walt Disney is turning over in his grave seeing the cost. He just wanted it where kids could go and be happy without spending an arm and a leg! lol

The Feminine Energy said...

Oooooh Debby, yes indeed..... certainly NOT the day you all had planned!! My husband and I have had this conversation so many times I'd love to have a quarter for each time. And that is.... kids really aren't good going to places like that until they're at least 5 years old or so. Your precious little James would have been far more content being at a small ole park with rusty ole swings and a sandbox to play in with twigs found on the ground. *haha* The same concept is how little ones enjoy playing with the boxes their Christmas gifts come in, usually more than the toys themselves. We adults try to give the children a "treat" and it doesn't work out being a treat at all. Been there, done that... for sure! Well, I'm sorry things turned out the way they did but perhaps waiting a few years and going again will produce a better result. ((((((((((hugs)))))))))) Love ya~ Andrea xoxo

photowannabe said...

So sorry that your "dream" vacation was pretty much a disappointment.
We have been going to DL since the early 1960's. So many changes..some good , some not so...
Sorry James was sick, that was a hard way to spend the day and crowds are never fun!
The good thing was you got to be with family and especially James.

Anne in the kitchen said...

We spent many times going places when one kid or the other was sick. It is just part of the unpredictable nature of life. One thing we did learn after having the first child and trying to gut it out (whatever it was) was to just give up and go home, back to the hotel, or for a long walk/drive.
Now with our granddaughter we think nothing of leaving whatever "fun" time if she feels bad (either physically or just in spirit)

Carla from The River said...

Oh goodness, what a day. I know he will have fun when he is feeling 100%! How is he feeling now?

Secret Agent Woman said...

Amusement parks can be pretty overwhelming for anyone, but especially kids.

Cathy said...

So sorry that James was sick and that things did not go well. However, I'm glad he got to enjoy a couple of the rides. I certainly hope he's a lot better now. Disney can definitely be overwhelming and I bet even more so when you're a little guy and not feeling well. Take care my friend.

Debi said...

I'm so sorry that James wasn't feeling well and didn't enjoy the park as you had hoped. We have never been to Disney and have no desire to go. I don't like crowds and I really don't like long lines! I hope James is feeling better and that you will have a better time next time.

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