Thursday, July 28, 2011


Isn't that a great reason to blog? I have a bunch of random going on in my head. I think it may be from lack of sleep. Why is it that when you have to get up early for something the next day you seem to toss/turn and watch the clock all night. My shower time was 4:45am and of course right before that I got really sleepy.

Something else I have realized and have been trying for a few months now is that when I drink wine later in the evening I seem to not sleep well. I may fall asleep but tend to wake up more during the night. I sleep much better if I don't drink so I pretty much only drink socially now or maybe on the weekend with Mark. I do much better if I drink late afternoon/early evening. I think it has to do with the sugars in the wine.

So why am I up early and why am I at Starbucks again? Well most of you know this already, my internet was fixed yesterday morning. As it turns out they had a problem on their end which they didn't discover for a few days. How could they not know that? Here we thought that something must be wrong with our box when it was their box all along! Why does it take six days to have a technician out? Why is it that 3 phone calls took over 3 1/2 hours of my life and I would venture to guess that over three quarters of that time was spent on hold after each transfer to a new department. What I really didn't like is that after 20 minutes of holding one particular time they said I was transferred to the wrong department!

So the reason I am at Starbucks today is because Mark is having Lasik surgery on his eyes today. He has wanted to do this for several years now but chickened out before. He actually researched, found a place and went for the consultation but never went back to have it done. Well about 2 weeks ago their was a Groupon I sent to him on Lasik. He actually checked it out and found out it was the same place he had intended to go to before so that's where today comes in.( a little prayer would be appreciated) So they ask for the person driving them to not wait in their waiting room if possible because it can get crowded. They call you about 1/2 hour before he is ready to leave and it takes about 3 hours. The procedure doesn't take long at all but they have to stay afterwards to make sure all is well. So since we are about 30 miles away from home I thought why not do Starbucks.

Actually I have to admit that Tuesday was my first time going to Starbucks with a computer. Truthfully I was nervous. What I found is that it was actually fun, something out of the ordinary for me. It was nice to get out of my office at home and actually see people!! So I thought why not try that again. I'm not really a coffee drinker. I do like the Frappuccinos a lot. Hey it's got my last name in it! Actually I am hooked on the Green Tea Frappuccino. Since it's really early (7:30am) I decided to try a coffee. I am not one of those people who knows how to order with the different this and thats that people put in so I thought I would just try the Skiny Vanilla Latte. Funny how I got a Skiny but also got their Glazed Lemon Pound Cake. So much for the skinny!

Did you ever wonder what your brain thought about before blogging. I swear on the Bible that mind is always blogging. It's like I'm forever in blogging mode. Obviously I don't blog about 99% of it and your welcome!

I thought I would leave you with a funny today.


Joyce said...

My brain is in blog mode most of the time too. I've even gotten my family on board. Just the other day we saw something funny and my hubs said, "That would make a good blog post." Ha.

Praying all goes well with the Lasik.

nancygrayce said...

I stopped to say a prayer for Mark! Hope it goes well and he sees 20/20 with no glasses. That is what I also wish for myself. Unfortunately I can't have lasix and my doctor tells me I had better hope I don't have to have cataract surgery for a long , long time. Eye problems.

The skinny caramel latte is good too. I've had two so I should know! :) Not sure if it is actually on the menu, but I thought if they did vanilla, they would probably do caramel.

Anonymous said...

I always write down something i think about to blog on,on a scrap of paper, and then I forget where i put it and then when I feel like posting, i cant think of a thing to write

Garden of Egan said...

This post is hilarious!
Blogging is such a great way of purging stuff from the brain so you can remember the stuff you really need to where are those dang keys.

Hope you have a fabulous day!

Randi Troxell said...

sending prayers his way!
i LOVE starbucks... recently i got a mocho coconut frappuchino.. and it was goooooood!!
normally thought i get a house blend black! i'm very simple like that, lol

Kathy said...

Hope all goes well with the procedure! It's fairy common these days.

I've never been to Starbucks! I don't drink coffee, so I've never felt the need...However, if I ever decide to go, that Lemon Pound Cake sounds delish! LOL

I don't sleep well either, if I have something planned for the next morning! It ruins my whole night. LOL

Karen Mortensen said...

Love that cartoon. I will have to remember that.

Michelle said...

Your phone calls sound like ours to our cable company. Which is also our t.v. and phone company. We no longer have them as our phone company. We use cell phones only and it works much better. When we were trying to get them to disconnect our phone they wanted to keep us on their line by offering more specials. The whole time we were telling them NO we just want to be disconnected. Thank you
Finally they listened to us.

Praying for your hubby's Lasik surgery to go well.

I'm not a coffee drinker but that pound cake sure sounds good :)

I love the funny you left us with :)

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I constantly have things going through my head and I'll think "I should blog about that" and sure enough - as soon as I sit down at the computer, it's all gone!

Did you ask for a credit for the time your internet was down. I always make them credit my account if the problem was at their end - it's not very much but it makes me feel better ;-)

I had lasik about 12 years ago - one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

Love Of Quilts said...

Hope all goes well for Mark. Sounds like we all think alike when It comes to blogging. I'm bad about taking pictures then not showing them. I think thats not interesting no one want to see that. Its hard to blog sometimes. Have a great day Trish

Brandy@YDK said...

i hate internet troubles. I REALLY REALLY want lasik. bad.

Love Bears All Things said...

Hi, Debby, thanks for stopping by Bears at Home. I am a follower of your blog now.
I used to go to Starbucks all the time when I lived in Memphis. A friend of mine and I would go there some afternoons after shopping. I like Frappuccinos too but all that sugar and dairy usually makes me sick after. I usually just have the coffee of the day. I like the flavored coffees but they are too sweet. There was one of those little pod machines at the Orth this morning and it had Tea too so I made one. I think I'd like one of those machines but I don't have counter space for it.
Anyway, hope all went well with your Hubby's eye surgery.
Mama Bear

EmptyNester said...

Hope the eye surgery went well. I would do it myself if I weren't so darn chicken.

I enjoyed the post and totally cracked up at the end---"obviously I don't blog about 99% of it and you're welcome!" LOL

I must be burning up if the funny is right. LOL

xinex said...

Thanks for the funny joke,Debby, lol. I hope Mark's lasik surgery is successful....Christine

Cherie said...

Before blogging my brain was always on Scrapbook mode which I started in 1995 - before that who knows?? Ha Ha

I hope the Lasik goes well. I think it is cool but also a little scary.

The cartoon is hilarious. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

My life is a whole lot of random ... hence, my blog is frequently a whole lot of random.

I have the same problem with tossing and turning the night before I have to get up early. It doesn't matter what it is: church, work, traveling, watching the grands, anything. Add that to how my brain just won't "turn off" when I go to bed, and it's a wonder I get any sleep at all.

Hope that Mark's surgery went well and that he'll have 20/20 vision now.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Great blog always..but you sound happier, more rested or something. Anyway..great blog and prayers are up for the hubby!

Dena E's Blog said...

You are such a JOY Sis!!! I PRAISE GOD for you.. What a laugh this one was!!!! And note just the lil joke at the bottom.. THANKS for being a bright spot in my life Sweetie!!! Hugsss LOVE and Prayers always included~~~Dena
and thanks for the note to my other post too!!!

Dena E's Blog said...

HI Sweet SKYE!!!! Sissi loves you!!!!

Sarita Boyette said...

Hope Hubby's lasik went well. I have never been in or driven through a Starbucks!
Be sure to ask for a refund for the days you were out of service. We were out for a week one time, & I asked for & got a refund on my bill. The time we were out, my modem popped and had a burned plastic smell one night, along with a little smoke. I called customer support & the tech told me not to worry - his modem smoked sometimes. Yeah - right! Anyway, the next morning we were out of internet & phone for a week.

Joanne said...

I kind of blacked out after I read "Glazed lemon pound cake" I'm on a diet and all I can think of are cakes and pastries!!!!UGH! Great post!
Blessings, Joanne

Holli Taylor said...

Hope Marks procedure went well!

Hilary said...

How did the lasik go? I did it about 6 years ago, and like Donna said, it was the best thing I ever did!

Katherine said...

I find I have the same issue with wine. And ice cream. Must be the sugar. Hope the Lasik went well.

sarah said...

I've thought about bringing my computer to a coffee shop and reading that you did makes me think...yep..going do it too and love that skiny with the lemon cake.

Mara said...

I wonder about that sometimes too: what did I do before blogging? Probably watch a lot of tv!

I love that cartoon and it really made me laugh. It's also going to be my new slogan: I am not fat, I expanded from the heat!

Hope Mark is fine by the way...

Anonymous said...

Oh, Debby, that's just too funny! And I love the cartoon at the end. When you're a writer, you're a writer, in your mind and out of your mind! :) Have a good weekend. If it's cool there, enjoy it for me. Still hotter-n blue blazes here!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I think in blog posts all the time. It's fun though. I think I remember things better because I try to come up with a blog about a certain thought or moment.

So glad that you went to Starbucks to hang out and take your computer. It's nice to move out of the house for a few hours and be in a different location. I hope your husband's lasik surgery is a great success!

Lynn said...

Love the look of your blog. New, Right?
Yep. You are a writer now! It's like being a teacher. You are a teacher even when you aren't teaching. You are a writer even when you aren't writing.

Trish said...

Pray all went well with your husband's lasik surgery. As always, you made me smile...thank you my friend!

secret agent woman said...

Hope he recovers quickly!

Alcohol, btw, helps people fall asleep more quickly but is disruptive later in the sleep cycle causing more frequent awakening and shallower sleep. So people generally feel less rested.

Kerri said...

love frapps!! hope he recovers soon!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I hope the lasix went well!
I am always blogging in my brain, too, and as you said fortunately, most of it stays in my brain! I'm weird though, I've been doing it my whole life, just never having anywhere to put it until I discovered blogging.

Unknown Mami said...

I'm not always in blog mode anymore, but when I first started blogging I was.

I hope the surgery went well. I'd love to do it, but I'm scared.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I love it, mine use to be sadly my brain is mush these days!

I hear starbucks is a fun place to sit and blog :)

Yeah to Groupon! I've found some great deals on there :).

What a pain in the butt for the internet!! I hope they prorate you but I know that really doesn't make up for it. When I go down it affects work and really pisses me off, I think the ph company is afraid of me ... lol

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