Friday, April 5, 2013


Mommy's Idea
Joining in with Mrs.4444's  today at 
Half-Pat Kissin' Time  for Friday Fragments

Wow, I have a lot to frag about......

So last week Skye chased a bunny out of one of the large bushes in our yard. Freaked me out, no way did I want her to hurt it. We have been having bunny issues for a year now and they bring fleas! Anyway her schooling at six months old has stayed with her and no means no! She didn't hurt it and I was able to get her back in the house. Now we start out with a leash to make sure they are not out and about, then I take the leash off and have to say "NO" to to her when she wants to go into the bush. 

I've seen three little ones with their mom and of course this is what they do. They eat the stems of the flowers and leave the buds.

Well with everyone out of the house this week it's been really quiet. Just when you think you can't take it anymore living with these people you realize that you don't want to live alone! One benefit is Skye wanting a whole bunch of attention. She is missing our grand dog Charlie who is also on vacation and the fact that these other people living in the house go outside a lot. She seems to come into my office wanting to go find those bunnies every hour on the hour. She's keeping me moving and on my toes! 

I've been bowling on Wii almost daily. I know it's not a workout compared to what most of you do but for me it certainly gets my heart going. It's a start at getting some exercise each day! On another note I'm frustrated with losing weight. I'm not giving up but there has been a pattern and it's driving me crazy. I will lose ten pounds, put a few back on and then stay there for 3 months. Happened to me all last year when I lost weight and I am now going on month three from my last weight lose in January. Plateaus suck!

My Tuesday morning didn't start out great. Got a text from Kendra saying that she heard the 15 freeway was backed up because of an accident. I live 25 miles from where I bowl and I use the 15 to get there. So I headed a different way to the 15 and could see that it was a parking lot so I went to take a side street along with everyone else! It was pretty much a parking lot too. Backed up from light to light. Two hours and 10 minutes later I arrived at bowling. Missed the first game and sucked at the two I did bowl. Needless to say I was stressed!!!! 
Then in the afternoon I went to see Admission
and enjoyed it very much!

Thursday I went to see Oz the Great and Powerful
and  it was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

At times I can be a little obsessive. While I sit reading posts each day, go on Pinterest and read gmails I have my TV on. I watch movies on the 3 premium channels we have. Well by the end of the month you get a little board and look forward to the next month. So come Monday morning I was on scrolling through each one to see what was coming up in the lineups for April. You can only really go about a week in advance but I found some great ones that haven't been on in a very, very long time: Stepmom - Spanglish - Elf - Return to Me and My Girl. I will tape them and then I will have them for my viewing pleasure this summer when my normal evening shows are all in reruns! (Of course I own all these movies on DVD but love when they show up on cable) It's okay if you think I'm crazy......

To my dear friends who are doing the A-Z Challenge. I find it very difficult to keep up with posts from everyone I like to read when it's on a daily basis so if you don't see me at your A-Z's I hope you understand why.

Got our supply of Lou Malnati's Deep Dish pizza this week.
Buy six get one could I pass that up!

Look what Adam found while in Miami this week!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Unknown said...

Why not just watch the DVD's when your shows are in re-runs? I have a tendency to watch shows when I'm doing other mindless sitting tasks like paying bills or folding clothes.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Oops, that was me. I was logged into another gmail account.

Life in a Small Town said...

That pizza must be good. Mrs. 4444 mentioned it in her post!
The bunny looks like a good sized rabbit.
Over 2 hours to get someplace? YIKES! I think I would've said "forget it" and gone home. Love your persistence! :)

Nikki (Sarah) said...

HI Debby...I saw Admissions too and loved it. Thought about seeing Oz but wasn't sure but if you said you loved it....might see it this weekend. Have an amazing day.

Miss Debbie said...

We have squirrels. They are cute and fun to watch, but I don't like it when they tear up my swing cushions...rascals!!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

We had rabbits in the yard - maybe we still do? Our dogs were fascinated by them and thought that they were playmates. Of course, the little babies were too small to play with a lab or a golden, so in the spring, we'd have to keep them on leash. What was most frustrating was that the mamas would always make their nests in our fenced-in yard, so we couldn't let the dogs out to play.

LuAnn said...

RAbbits are very irratating !!!!
I have the weight thing going on too. Such a frustration in my life.

Enjoy the weekend!!!

Pen Pen said...

Interesting week. Your post about the rabbits made me realize we must have rabbits in our garden... eating the stem, but leaving the flowers. Sorry about your bowling game... too much stress getting there must have ruined your game. :)

Sandra said...

well it looks like the bunnies have fragmented your flowers for sure.. cute but pest, just like our squirrels. we have a love/hate relationship with them. you are keeping yourself busy and that is good. i have never had deep dish pizza and since i love pizza, i will be checking this out.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

What a great post, loved reading all about your day, etc. My dogs chase rabbits and groundhogs and I let 'em. Good exercise for everyone and they've yet to catch a rabbit. When they catch and kill a groundhog, they get rewarded. I stepped into a groundhog hole two weeks ago and darn near broke my leg; good riddance to groundhogs!

Mara said...

I want to go see Oz and I might do it on Sunday now. If the hangover from tomorrow will be gone by then that is!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That bunny is so cute. I have never troed a wi workout.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your fragments post. You had a lot to post about!

I, too, record movies on dvr that I own a DVD of! Why do we do that?! Probably because it's easier than locating the DVD!

Bunnies are cute...if they just wouldn't eat the plants! We've had an armadillo visiting us at night! Guess he knows our dogs are sound sleepers these days.

Enjoy your last moments of solitude, your folks will be returning soon, and things will be back to normal :)

Empty Nester said...

I hear ya on the weight loss. It's a struggle for sure. I started my exercise on the Wii. It was helpful! And I enjoyed it. It was a good while before I needed to move on and do more. So enjoy it! It is not without benefits!!! I totally understand about the A-Z thing. I'm doing it and am having a hard time reading and posting. It's all good! Don't you worry a bit!

kyooty said...

Bad Bunnnies!!! Cute Pizza place. And yes Plateaus are evil!!! i've been plateauing since December.

Stacy Uncorked said...

So your yard is where the Easter Bunny lives when he's not out delivering goodies! ;) We have a rash of wild rabbits running around out back - I need to put in a raised garden bed or something, since they tend to ravage the garden like they think its their own personal smorgasbord. ;)

I didn't know you had your own pizza place! ;)

And now I need to dust off the Wii and start bowling again - Princess Nagger will probably still kick my butt, but it is fun! :)

Friday Fragments Easter Funny Chocolate Rules


Loved the graphics of Oz...but was not as enthralled with it as I thought I would be. Loved Safe Haven....and loved Olympus Has Fallen. The little bunny was so cute.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Bad Bunnies ... We have one that comes by every few days. I think it was one someone dropped off :(.

Good for you with the Wii Bowling I think it's great and doesn't wind you! I agree Plateaus SUCK! UGh

Sorry about the back up and the long drive to bowling, I'd be stressed too.

I'm glad to hear the movie was good I was wondering on Admission.

I so want to see Oz. The boys want to see it too. I'm wondering if they would do and sit through it or if I should wait until DVD.

good deal on the pizza :)

Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like Skye is keeping your hands full.

Good for you for even using the Wii. I need to be doing something.

Cyndy Newsome said...

Pretty funny since y'all like pizza so much! I really want to see Oz, glad you liked it.


Debby, Just wanted to say Hi. I have really missed you. I updated my blog today. Hope to start been online more often. Love you lots.

Keetha Broyles said...

Such a cute little bunny! And sitting there by that fence makes me think of Peter Rabbit in Mr. McGregor's garden.

Hilary said...

pucci's pizza - love it!

The Boston Lady said...

So now you've opened your own pizzeria....

I know exactly what you mean about yearning for an empty house and doing what you want. It gets stale after a short while -I'm never satisfied, apparently. Wendy and I went to see Admission and liked it too. OZ is on our list in the upcoming weeks.

Hope your weekend is great Debby. Ann

TexWisGirl said...

the deep dish! ugh!!!

the traffic snarl-up sounded awful. good luck with bunny patrols!

Chatty Crone said...

I would say you had a little PARTAY going on with Debby and Debby! Sounds like fun. I saw the movie Oz and thought it was good.
And one of my favorite movie of all times is Return To Me - I love it so much. Now things are back to normal. sandie

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