Friday, May 15, 2015


Sorry, this got a little longer than I had planned.
If you don't have time I totally understand! 

If you follow me on Facebook you might already know this. Monday was not my day. I did my normal computer stuff in the morning and was going to do dusting in the afternoon. 

I went under the counter to get my dusting supplies and noticed that the Pledge was empty. Since we normally buy a pack at Costco I went into the laundry room under the sink to see if there were more.

I saw one at the back and was going to move a few things around to get to it but nothing was moving! Everything was stuck to the bottom of the cabinet. Insert huge project here: taking everything out of the cabinet. 

Apparently the last time Amber washed the floors the cleaner poked something when she put it away and got a pinhole in it. It has been leaking for probably 3+ weeks. (Note: time for her to do the floors again)

I had to soak each item to get the product off the bottom and then soak the cabinet to soften up the thick layer of product. I also used a pastry scrapper to loosen it. What a mess! 

About two hours later Mark came home with some Five Guys. He had been at the shooting range jury duty.  After we ate he asked me if I wanted the change from his pocket. I said no you can put it in your large beer bottle. 
Then I said wait, I have some change that can be put in there. I went into a cabinet in the kitchen where I have an ashtray of change. When I took it out something shifted and knocked a small ball jar of touch up paint onto the ground which broke and went flying in two directions of glass and paint.

What a mess. Thankfully Mark helped me clean it up which took quite awhile scrubbing the paint with soapy water to get it off the tile. Then after it was all cleaned up I vacuumed to make sure all the glass was up. With dogs in the house you have to be extra careful. 

I swear I must have gotten out of the wrong side of bed on Monday! So Tuesday I went to the show and ran some errands. Unfortunately Wednesday had a few things happen that were not fun either. It seems like sometimes it's all or nothing! 

I was going through a dresser drawer where I keep some miscellaneous gifts. I was looking for something that I bought for Amber. Later I decided to put some of the things in a box because it was feeling crowded and there are several items that I'm going to mail to my dad's house before my trip. I always have some little gifts for the kids. So I put a box together and went to open the drawer but it wouldn't open. Something got stuck.

Finally after about an hour I managed to get it unstuck using every thin thing I could find in the house to fit into the little opening. I was so happy when it opened and filled the box with things to be mailed. I did manage to get all the laundry done on Wednesday. 

Unfortunately on Wednesday night I walking into our bedroom when I stepped on a piece of glass. I grabbed a band aid and went to show Mark. What I didn't realize was that every other step I was dropping spots of blood on the carpet and the kitchen floor! I didn't realize it was bleeding that bad. 

So how was your week? I'm writing this on Thursday and I plan to dust today. Let's hope I don't have to update this before it posts!

Tonight (Thursday) Mark and I are going out to eat before we see an early showing of Pitch Perfect 2. I had him watch the first one the other night. He has always enjoyed watching Glee with me and when we saw a preview for Pitch Perfect 2 he said he might see it with me.

Also we lucked out. It is actually at our movie theater who has $5. Tuesday and Thursday's so it is only $10. for us to get in. I stopped and bought the tickets when I was out on Tuesday. 

We are celebrating Amber's 34th birthday on Sunday and Adam will be here. Win, Win !!!!

I did have an update but I posted it yesterday. It is here at A POST BEFORE A POST if you want to see what happened yesterday. 

Have a great weekend.......


Hilary said...

oh no… hopefully today will be a much better day!

Sandra said...

I do hope Murphy has flown the coop and does not come back to visit for a long time or NEVER.... it does seem if we have one disaster, others follow right on the heels. i know about the blood drops and what a mess they make, because bob is on blood thinner and anything that pokes him he bleeds. the thought of getting down on the floor to clean out the mess in that cabinet makes my body ache... knees and back and shoulders just don't like that kind of stuff.
hope the birthday celebration is a happy one and nothing else falls on you.

Mara said...

Sometimes it is like that: a day where nothing works the way you want it to work. Hopefully those were all the bad things for the year happening in one day so the rest of 2015 will be problem free!

betty said...

What a disaster week you had, Debby! I would have been so frustrated with all the cleaning up you had to do! Certainly a lesson in patience to get it all done and to make it through the week! Are you okay from when you stepped on the glass? It didn't go into your foot? Let's hope the weekend is a fun one with birthday celebrations for Amber and getting to see Adam! Happy birthday to Amber! Are you guys getting the rain that San Diego is getting?


TexWisGirl said...

it seems to go in waves, for sure. hopefully your bad luck has gone away!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my gosh... I'd just burn the house down :) haha

I cant wait to hear what you think about Pitch Perfect 2!!!

KC Bob said...

Sounds like a Murphy's Law kind of week Debby. Hope you enjoyed the movie.

My week got better after the 911 call on Saturday, Ann's stay in the hospital and her release on Tuesday. Turned out it was a bad infection. Things are much better today! ツ

Nonnie said...

Oh my! What a time you have had. Hopefully, you are "done" for a while and everything will be coming up roses for you!!! Crossing my fingers!

It's been a good week for me, but I have had those kind of weeks in the past.

Montanagirl said...

Holy Smoke! You for sure should have stayed in bed!! LOL

Chatty Crone said...

Unfortunately I have had times like this - so frustrating. You had a Murphy's Law Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope this weeks gets better!

Little Penpen said...

Oh Debby! what a week! I think I would have learned how to use 'cuss' words this week. ;) ;)

Sharon said...

Totally get this - had a few weeks like this myself! Sometimes life hands us the *big stuff* - but more often than not, it's the incessant drip, drip of regular aggravating stuff that really gets to me!!

Hope this week gets better!


Joyce said...

I do hope your weekend is nothing but sunshine and happiness : )

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Mama said there'd be days like that...

Lea said...

Oh, it has been a week for many folks I know. Perhaps something in the air. :o)) Wishing you an uneventful week next week!

Trish said...

Oh my...when it rains, it pours! I know that celebrating with your family, made things better.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I've had days like that - no fun!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

HUGS my friend!!!

I so hope the days got better! I so hate when you go for one thing and end up spending an hour cleaning something else. I swear it happens to me every time :(

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