Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Volume 228
Head on over and join us!
Thank you Joyce.

1. July 15th is National Give Something Away Day.  What can you give away? Will you?

I have a lot of things to give away but I can't do it today. 

2. Do you have a mantra? Please share with the class if you feel comfortable doing so.

I don't know if these are my mantra's but I always believe that "Things can always be worse" and "This too shall pass."

3. Who does the grocery shopping in your house? How many times a week do you shop? Do you make a list or pray for inspiration in the produce aisle?

I always have a list. We do most of our shopping at Costco every 4 to 6 weeks and Mark goes with me. Then I pick up some fresh veggies, fruits, etc. in between that. 

4. Is there a TV show you're embarrassed to say you watch? You're going to tell us what it is, right?

It isn't on right now but I was embarrassed to say that I watched The Housewives of New Jersey.  

5. A recent article listed fifteen words we should eliminate from our (written) vocabulary in order to sound smarter-

that, went, honestly, absolutely, very, really, amazing, always, never, literally, just, maybe, stuff, things, and irregardless

Of the fifteen, which word is your most overused?

I guess when you talk to me you will not consider me smart because I use all of them except for irregardless! 

6. So apparently dying your hair gray (in your youth!) is a thing right now. It's called 'The Granny Hair' trend. Your thoughts? 

I haven't heard of that one but I think that is kind of a strange thing to do. 

7. A while back Buzz Feed asked members to share the most beautiful sentence they've read in a piece of literature. A hard thing to narrow down, at least for me, but let's try. What's one of the most beautiful sentences you've ever read in a piece of literature?

“In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart.” Anne Frank, "The Diary of Anne Frank"

8. Insert your own random thought here.

If you follow me on Facebook you already know this unusual thing that happened on Saturday evening. I copied this from my Facebook post. 

"This is crazy. Mark landed at LAX around 7:15 pm tonight from Europe. Had a limo picking him up. We live 60 miles from LAX. Adam arrived at LAX a little after 8 pm from Pittsburgh.
At 7:30 our doorbell rang. It was the limo driver for a pickup to LAX. I said no you were picking him up at LAX to bring him here.
So Adam and Mark ended up meeting each other, cancelled the limo, took a cab to Adam's condo and he is driving Mark home!"

I am still amazed how that all worked out.........


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

That is a strange situation with the limo. Glad it worked out so he didn't have to sit at the airport and wait for the limo to then turn around and go to LAX to get him and bring him home.

Sandra said...

I did see that on FB and it is still very strange... about those words, i use these many times a day, that, went, honestly, absolutely, very, really, amazing, always, never, maybe, stuff, things, but i say and writhe thingy's... This must mean I am always, absolutely and honestly not smart. I over use amazing and your kidding and whatever. I shop with list only and speed shop, madly fleeing up and down aisles throwing things in the basket.

betty said...

So glad that all worked out with Mark and Adam, Debby, but definitely weird too! I too say "this shall pass" as a mantra and "is it Friday yet?"


Theresa said...

Well that travel arrangement sure worked out nicely, after the initial problem. Costco has some great deals. Wouldn't it be nice if they had more fresh produce? My husband loves it there, but I think it is because of the free samples ;)

Rebecca Jo said...

That Anne Frank quote just is heartbreaking & inspiring.

Joyce said...

What an unusual set of circumstances, but so glad it worked out! I love the Anne Frank line. Enjoy your day!

Laura H said...

When we are driving and do not know where we are going, we say "what's the worst thing that can happen?" It let's us know all we need to do is turn around and go back the way we came or find another path. I thought of this when I read your mantra! Great minds!

Cathy said...

I used the "this too shall pass" also. I think I use most of those words too. That is a great quote from Anne Frank.

Breathing Life said...

This too shall pass. My mother used to say that all the time, and now my daughter has it tattooed on her arm.

Nonnie said...

This too shall pass is a good one. I was very surprised that awesome wasn't on the list of overused words. I think it is.

Michelle F said...

Hi, Debby!!

I hope you're enjoying your staycation!!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I took three bags of stuff to goodwill yesterday. Can that count?

Paige McDaniel said...

Love the Anne Frank quote! Hope you have a great week!

TexWisGirl said...

oh, i don't like traveling for reasons like that! :) glad it all worked out so surprisingly well.

that granny hair trend was something my mother told me about when i was young. one of my aunts-in-law was 'chic' enough to dye her hair gray when she was young and dating because she thought she was hot stuff. :)

Stacy said...

Wow, glad it all worked out with your husband and son getting home. Is Adam not living in Pittsburgh any longer? He did move there or was going to, right?

Mevely317 said...

Oh, that pooerr limo driver must have been dying! I wonder if his dispatch didn’t ‘zig’ when they should’ve ‘zagged.’
Years ago I tried my hand at driving a limo for what I thought would be ‘easy money.’ Turned out to be a nightmare, largely due to my own ineptitude. And no, there was no easy money!

Great quote! It makes me realize I need to work on appreciating others’ good traits, and let go of the small stuff.

Nikki Scatchard said...

I like your literature quote.! Anne Frank was so inspiring.
My sisters dog is actually part yellow and part chocolate lab. We call it vanilla on the outside and chocolate on the inside. :)
I never got into Real Housewives, too much drama for me.

Montanagirl said...

That's crazy about the limo incident. It seems like no one can get anything right anymore!

Elizabeth Day said...

Yes, our mantra answers were alike. How about that! The limo story ended up being a funny one, but I bet it was anything but for a while there. So glad your resourceful guys got it all worked out.

KC Bob said...

Honestly, I think #5 was absolutely very amazing. Literally, things like that are always really stuff irregardless. Maybe. ツ

Sharon said...

Honestly, I thought that story about the airport - you know, the one that went really crazy - but literally became absolutely amazing - I thought it was very entertaining! And I always enjoy a fun story, maybe never more than when it involves two very special people. It's great when things work out, irregardless of our original plans.

Maybe it's just the way that God works.

He is in the details of all our stuff!!


(I think I used all 15!!)

Chatty Crone said...

You won't believe this but my favorite manta is - "This too shall pass." It has saved me many a time!

Mary said...

Hope Mark didn't get charged for the limo!
Love that quote from Anne Frank. :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I need to go threw the boys clothes and give them away so I can make room for the school clothes :).

I'm still amazed how that all worked out with the airport :)

Ginny Marie said...

I actually had a bunch of stuff picked up by a donation truck on Wednesday, and I didn't even know it was National Give Something Away Day! Too funny.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I've been watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix. It's a fun summer show, but not something I would normally watch!

Michelle F said...

Oh my goodness!! What a God-thing #8 is.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I have a trunk full of clothes ready to go to Goodwill - who new I was celebrating give something away day a little late?

Claudya Martinez said...

I read that limo post on FB and couldn't believe it. Whoopsy.

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