Wednesday, August 5, 2015


There is no Wednesday Hodgepodge today.  Joyce is in the process of moving into their temporary apt. while they build a new house! 

Things have been uneventful here which is fine with me but I have nothing to blog about. I've had zero motivation and I have so much to do! Please send me some motivational vibes my way.......
So I was leaving the show and there was a younger couple in front of me. I was heading to put something into the trash. They had a popcorn container and a large bottled water. He dumped the container and then looked at his water. There were a few sips left so he started to drink it so he could dump the bottle. 

I looked at them and said "There is a recycling bin in the hallway to recycle that bottle." I said "I'm sorry but I believe in recycling." Would you have been upset with someone if they suggested that to you? They were not mad and did put the bottle in the recycle bin. 

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." (Neil Armstrong)
Another thing that happened at the show was that I was looking at something on my phone, something I rarely do while walking, and I walked into the men's bathroom. Thankfully no one was in there! I guess it is good that I rarely have my phone in my hand when I am walking.
Time to stop going into the closet at night in the dark and putting on my PJ's. I have three pairs that are exactly the same only different colors. I usually dry the tops on hangers because for some reason they want to keep shrinking up, bottoms do not! 

So I grab a bottom from the drawer and reach for a top from the clothes rack and of course I picked the wrong matching color. I didn't notice until later when I saw myself in the mirror and had to laugh at myself. I looked like a toddler who dressed themselves! 
So last week I went to Trader Joe's, picked up some groceries, some organic wine and a case of their Charles Shaw Shiraz Wine. 

The girl and I had been talking and when I got home I started thinking about what I paid. I was adding things up in my head and felt as though she forgot to ring up the case of wine. So I checked the receipt and that's exactly what happened. I am going back this week to pay for it! 


Cathy said...

I walked into a men's bathroom one time too. Very embarrassing! lol

No, it wouldn't make me mad for someone to mention a recycle bin.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I do the same about recycling it only takes a sec and you can help the plant :).

LOL I love you care about the colors of PJ's I can't tell you how many times I look like a hot mess.

You're the best to go back and pay :)

Mevely317 said...

Uh-oh. Are PJ's supposed to match? (*smile*)

I totally forgot about that '2-buck Chuck' wine! ... I used to love it, but there's not a Trader Joe's in our immediate vicinity. That McWine cartoon is a hoot!

betty said...

I would not have been upset if someone told me where to go and put something into the recycle; I would have appreciated it; I'm like you, Debby, recycle if at all possible. They will appreciate it at Trader Joe's when you pay for the case of wine; I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't make the effort to do so, but we always do when we notice something like this. It is hard to get motivated, especially if it is warm out.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Nope - I prefer to recycle whenever possible, so I would've been thankful for the tip!

Sandra said...

I have done the mens restroom thing once myself, not paying attention.. no one was in there.. once when we were on a road trip, we stopped at a gas station for me to potty as i was about to not hold it any longer. the womens side was full, i said to Bob, stand in front of this door and keep anyone from coming in or i am going to wet myself right here. theirs worked as good as ours.
i think you did good telling them about the recycle and they were nice not to get angry, some would some would not.. one bottle at a time... good girl

holli said...

I've walked into Mens a few times. One time I didn't realize until AFTER I came out of the stall.
Trader Joes will appreciate your honesty!! We just got them in Texas 2 years ago but still not one close to me. I love them.
I also really like the bird on your This and That.
I think some people are just in their own world and wouldn't mind being reminded to recycle. I wouldn't mind at all.

Chatty Crone said...

I would have thrown away the item in the recycle bin if someone told me if i didn't think of it myself.
I have gone in the men's bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are so funny!

Denise said...

you made me smile, thanks.

Jacquelineand.... said...

I accidentally went into the men's room when I was very young... maybe 6 or 7. My mother was HORRIFIED when I described the weird 'sink' I tried to wash my hands in.

TexWisGirl said...

i'm glad the couple took your suggestion without getting bent out of shape about it. :) and reading phones and walking is dangerous stuff!

Michelle F said...

LOL... I just had to laugh at your graphic.

LOL...My husband is the recycler around here.
Me? I probably would have said, `Mind your own business. I'll put it where I want to. Sorry, just being honest...LOL

Dee said...

Your comment wouldn't have upset me at all. In fact, I would have welcomed the gentle reminder because I really should be recycling more than I do.

I forgot that I had a case of waters on the bottom rack of my shopping cart on two separate occasions, but I also went back to the store both times, to pay for it. It's a good feeling to do what's right... :)

Mara said...

I have walked into many a men's bathroom, mainly on purpose. Sometimes the queue at the ladies' is so bad, it's the only way not to make a puddle!!

For somebody without inspiration, you didn't do too badly!

Terra Heck said...

I've accidentally walked into a men's restroom before too. Embarrassing! I think it's perfectly okay that you redirected that man to the recycle bin.

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