Monday, November 2, 2015

R E A L L Y ! ! ! !

So if you read my post from Friday you know that I was heading to the doctor for a recheck on my injury from last Tuesday. Well that didn't happen, I had to cancel.....

Let's start with the morning at 7:00 am when Mark was leaving for work. We had super strong Santa Ana winds Friday morning. He opened the back door to go outside with the dogs and then I heard something crash. 

I went into our bedroom to see what it was and as it turns out the opening cover to our attic, which is in our closet, fell to the floor creating a bit of a mess. The suction must have done it but that has never happened before. So Mark got it back up and taped it just in case and I vacuumed up the mess. 

I was on my computer for awhile, then I got showered and started to get ready for my appointment at 10:00 am. Had a huge blowout argument with Amber which is not a great way to start our day! Then I went into the garage and my car was dead! ($%&#) 

So I called AAA to come out to the house. I also called the Mini dealer to see if they had an idea of what it could be. Possibly the battery or starter. Long story here about my battery but I'm not going to go into that now other than tell you that we put a trickle charger on it often because I don't drive often enough to keep it charged with all the computers on board. 

Then I called the doctor to cancel my appointment. AAA showed up and yep it was a dead battery. Just so you know they can't replace the battery on a Mini. Mini has their very own special shaped battery which is very expensive. So he jumped my car and I headed over the the dealer. 

So after 3 1/2 hours at the dealer I was on my way with a new battery, new wipers and one recall taken care of. I have one more scheduled for November 11th. What a day I had. I actually wanted to stay home on Friday to get ready for our trip to the beach. By the time I got home all I wanted to do was have a glass of wine, Friday night pizza and a movie!

What I did do on the way home was stop over at the Urgent Care and asked if they could do me a favor. I just wanted them to look at my wound and tell me if it was looking okay, healing like it should. I told them about my morning and having to cancel my doctors appointment. They did look at it and said it was looking good. I was so thankful. 

Then I ran over to Sprouts because they have their Home Run Inn pizza at half price and wanted to get more for our freezer. These are a Chicago pizza and truly one of the best frozen pizza's around. We stopped ordering delivery pizza about six months ago and are really saving a lot of money buy buying these at Sprouts! 

When I got home Mark was getting home too. He told me he got an email from Amber with a picture of the pumpkins they carved. They were all moldy and one was leaking all over Mark's lovely cabinet in his office. (I had them on foil) I could not believe my eyes!!! So there was another mess to clean up and no pumpkins to put out for Halloween Saturday night. 

Anyway it was one of those days......but I am thankful for all the blessing God has given to us. Now let's hope things are going well on our beach trip. I'll let you know.......


Rebecca Jo said...

goodness gracious - momma said there'd be days like that.

My car just needed a new battery too & it was quite the dilemma ... its never easy it seems when it comes to car issues.

Makes you thankful for calm easy days, huh?

Chatty Crone said...

Okay that was a bad day for sure. Glad your leg is okay. I sure hope you are having a good time on vacation! Thanks for the tip about the pizza!

betty said...

Good you are at the beach now and last Friday is just a memory, although a bad memory. I have the same problem with my battery in my van; I never drive these days and it goes dead unless we make a point to drive it weekly. Hubby restarts it with a charger and then we drive it a bit and then it recharges to the next time, LOL.

Enjoy your time at the beach!!!!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Whew, it really does sound like one of those days!

Cranberry Morning said...

Things can only get better from there, right? :-) Hope this week goes better!

Mevely317 said...

Wow. My boss is forever reminding us, "Everything happens for a reason" (grrrr!) ... but I suspect your day may defy those odds.

Mara said...

Some days are only good for staying in bed under the covers! Nothing else at all at all! Fortunately your leg is healing okay and your car is (sort of) okay again.

Sandra said...

I am hoping Murphy can't find you at Carlsbad on your vacation... what a tale of woe.... i know you got off to your vacation and about the first day because i saw it on FB... have fun

Becca said...

Oh my gosh, it sounds like the Sprouts pizza was the only good part of your day. Have you tried their 12 flavor gummy bears? They are the best gummy bears on earth!

Laura H said...

Wow you have had a full plate! When you do go to the beach it will be definitely well earned and enjoyed so much more! We are getting a Sprouts so I will have to look into that pizza!

Carla from The River said...

Sending you a HUG!! Wow, what a time. Hope all will go well from here on out.
xx oo

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Those are the days you just need a do-over.
Go back to bed and give it another try tomorrow.

Denise said...

bless your heart, what a day.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

OH girl, I so hate days like that! HUGS my friend.

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