Wednesday, April 20, 2016


You know me, I seldom have new things to post so I always look so forward to Wednesday Hodgepodge. I guess I could have done a movie review post here today but I've only seen two movies and was waiting until I had a few more to post about. 

Actually it is okay that there is no Hodgepodge today because I changed my days around this week. I did laundry yesterday instead of today. Normally on Wednesday I do laundry and spend my day reading Wednesday Hodgepodge posts. 

I have two doctor's appointments today which are basically for my yearly medication refills. Also my pulmonary doctor will tell me how my CT Scan went on my lungs. We have been following a very tiny spot for about a year and a half now. They follow it for two years before they consider it nothing to worry about. 
In other news.....we got new Samsung Galaxy s7 phones on Monday night. Why does it have to take so long? I really didn't care but Mark has zero patience when it comes to things like that. Anyway we made it through the process. So I got the gold which is really a very faint rose gold and Mark got Black. I prepared in advance and moved all my photos to Google Drive and also onto my computer.
Thankfully Amber's Samsung Galaxy s7 edge phone was out of stock or we would have been there a lot longer. It has already shipped to the house so she can go alone to get it all set up and transferred. So we left there and quickly stopped in at Best Buy to see if I could get a cover. I must have a cover or I would drop the phone. Found an inexpensive one that is really cute and it will do until I do some searches to find the perfect one. 

One thing that is awesome is that I'm a Google person and everything transfers so easily. Just had to move my icons around to make it look like what I had before, put in my favorite wallpaper and put in my ring tones. Still playing with it but very pleased. Adam didn't get a new phone because his contract has one more year on it. Yes we do the phone plans for our children and will do so until Mark retires. 

Because we are very loyal Verizon customers we got discounts off the new phones plus two Verizon Ellipsis 8 tablets for free with free service for two years which basically works wherever there is a wi-fi connection. If you want to you can make it like a phone but we didn't think that was needed. 

We gave them to Adam and Amber. So Adam had a new toy to play with last night too! Amber does everything on her phone, she is not a computer person, so now she can use the bigger screen when she at home to play her sudoku.

That is what's happening in our neck of the woods, how are things with you?


Little Penpen said...

New phones! fun! I think I would like to have a bigger tablet type phone for showing my MIL videos of the babies. I know what you mean about having to wait so long to get anything done....I am in the process of switching tv , internet service and I was on the phone FOREVER on Monday with them. I was so stressed by the time it was over. Yesterday I sat all day waiting for the tv portion to be set up. Today I wait all day and wait for the internet people. grrrr!!

Sandra said...

what and adventure, just to get new phones. our world is all about technology now.. remember the party lines? that was our first phone and it was shared with 4 other families. and required us to stand close to the wall to talk. the phone we had in the early fifities was a phone on the wall that we turned the handle and told the operator who we wanted to call... we have sure come far from that... now the phones are so complicated the sellers have to give classes on how to use them. have fun..

betty said...

Always fun to get new phones! Now I'm a bit "jealous" that you get discounts at Verizon. We've been with them since 1998 (and maybe we do get discounts, I'm just not aware of them when we go in to upgrade). Son used my last upgrade (he's hard on phones; drops them a lot, finally got one that was supposed to be shatter proof, we'll see)

No Hodgepodge because Joyce is doing A/Z??


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

You're right it takes forever! I loathe having to go get a new phone. So tedious. Hope you enjoy yours!

Michelle F said...

Hi, Debby!

Well I asked for a new computer for Christmas 2016.
Yes, I ask for things way in advance...LOL
I wanted a certain Dell computer.
Well son up and says he will build me one even better than that one.
I am a bit nervous about scooching everything over to my new computer.
DS says it won't be a problem since I use Google.
So, after reading your post it sounds less scary.

Have a great day!

shortybear said...

praying for your appointments

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

It is amazing how much our phones do for us.
Your phone is lovely. Personally I am an iPhone kinda gal.
Glad things transferred so well for you.

Mevely317 said...

Congrats on the new toys! :)
I'm such a techno-phobe, I'm always reluctant to try new gadgets and gizmos.

... Sending good thoughts re. your CT results!

Sharon said...

I got a new phone a couple of months ago - made by a certain *fruit* company! I really like it. My favorite thing is all the fun I'm having sending emojis to my family. They think I'm crazy...maybe they're right, just a little bit!

Praying for good news on the CT results. And hoping that even though it's not a Hodgepodge Wednesday, that it's just full of random joy and blessings anyway!


TexWisGirl said...

i like my galaxy s6 active. my 3rd samsung galaxy phone. :)

Chatty Crone said...

Good luck at the doctors.

Did you have Iphones before?

My kids do EVERYTHING on the phone too.

I need and like a big computer.

Hope all is well.


bp said...

Enjoy your new phone! It's amazing what those little gadgets can do now. How was the dr. appointment?

I was visiting some blogs and wanted to say hi. Have a nice weekend!


Nonnie said...

New phones are always fun to play with. I like the pic of clothes hanging on the line. You never see that any more. I have a line I can string across the patio in the summer and hang sheets on. I like to do that. Happy weekend.

Ziaul Kamal said...

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Carla from The River said...

New phones are fun. :-) Enjoy!!
Keep us posted on your doctor appointments.
Hugs for the new week!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

It kills me how long you have to spend at the cell phone store. Every time I've needed just one thing I've spent no less than an hour ... ugh.

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