Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Volume 263
Thank you Joyce.
Come on over and join in......

1. What's the last thing you did that could be described as 'taxing'?

Taxing in a good way would be going to meet up with Ann at American Idol. Driving to L.A. can be taxing on its own but driving in rain made it even more taxing. 

Meeting a blog friend in person is taxing on the nerves and also the challenges of climbing a lot of stairs with my COPD was taxing. 

However taxing it may have felt at the time it all turned out great!!! 

2. If you could plant a garden of anything, what would be in it?

I would love a vegetable garden. I usually have a tomato plant each year but I would love to grow cabbage, cucumbers and squash to name a few. 

3. April 10-16 is National Library Week...will you celebrate with a visit to your nearest library? When did you last make a trip to the library? What are you reading right now? What's one title on your want-to-read list?

No, I haven't been to a library in years. I have a book that I started a few months ago called Heartsong Cottage by Emily March. I have hundreds of titles in my Kindle app. which I buy for $0. or .99 cents. 

I have to admit that book buying has always been a bit of a crazy obsession of mine only now I don't have the bulk of books sitting around. That doesn't mean I don't buy a hard copy from time to time because I do like a book in my hands! 

4. Share a saying or an old wives tale you heard while growing up, you believed to be true or that you paid attention to 'just in case'?

My grandmother would say "Don't run around on the cement floor in bare feet, you will get arthritis someday!" She would say that about our cold basement floor back in Illinois. 

5. Are you a fan of onions? Garlic? Ginger? What's a dish you love that contains one, two or all three items listed?

I am a fan of all three but I haven't cooked with Ginger. I take a ginger capsule each day. Truthfully Mark never liked me to cook with onions or garlic because they stay with him. I have found that if I use the dried form of these he usually doesn't have a problem. We do however like to make sauteed onions with colored peppers. 

6.  Where does nurturing end and indulging begin? What are some skills or qualities you think a person needs to possess in order to be viewed as mature?

Good question!!! I'm sure I need a lesson here.....

7. What leading figure in any field would you like to hear speak, and why?

I'm not sure at this time. 

8. Insert your own random thought here.


Sandra said...

i feel taxed just reading and thinking of your taxing adventure. but you did it and did it well. woo hoo. i am so much of a chicken about things like that.
i love garlic in a lot of things. there is no one alive i want to listen to speak.
mother said a million times to me... if wishes were horses all beggars would ride. i wished my life away.. also if you aren't careful your face will freeze like that

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I like your kind of taxing! Then I am with you on indulging and teaching - I need some private lessons on how to do that!

April said...

I really loved your random thought, Debby...beautiful! What a funny old wives tale...that's a new one on me.

betty said...

LOL, my mom said the same thing about bare feet on concrete. That and going outside with wet hair will give you a cold.

I bet that was taxing to get to the American Idol finale, but like you said, a good taxing! Was parking a nightmare? That's my biggest thing; hate to worry about parking for events like that.

I like the random too, isn't that so true, sometimes we can't make a difference for a lot, but we can for a few.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Some taxing things are worth the effort, huh?!

KC Bob said...

Always fun to read your hodgepodge responses Debby. I have arthritis. I am now wondering how much I ran around on cement floors. ツ

Michelle F said...

Hi, Debby!

I am so glad you stopped by.
I have about 7 books I am reviewing for may & June.

I sure enjoyed reading this post, we sound alike.
I would love to meet you in person.
I have a IRL friend who recently went to Boston to meet her online friend.
They did an online Beth Moore study together in 2001 and met in person in 2015.

Well, if I planted something it would be something brown because that is the color it will be when I finish with it. `dead` brown...LOL

I think I may have you beat on e-books.
There is no way I will read them all.
I have well over 1,000. I paid for some but most were free.
I have been collecting freebies since I got my first Kindle.
I think it was a Kindle White.
I now have a Kindle Fire.
I was thinking about updating to a newer Kindle.
But, I think I want a new computer instead.
I am so thankful I no longer have to worry about late library fees.
I do have quite a library of print books also.

I like cooking with all three...onions, garlic, and ginger.

I agree with your answer to #6, for myself.

I love that Starfish Story.
My favorite shell has always been the starfish.
This is my first time seeing the poem.
You're probably aware if you open them a certain way you'll get a handful of doves.

Interesting xoxo

Michelle F said...

Oh...I just remembered the name of my first Kindle.
It was a Kindle Keyboard.

Elizabeth Day said...

Loved the Starfish story. I too have tons of Kindle books on my iPad and I think the Heartsong Cottage is one of them that I am yet to read. So glad you had a good visit with a new friend. I would love to meet some of my blogging friends one day. I think we need a Hodgepodge reunion, don't you?

Nonnie said...

Now that old wives tale is a new one to me. I'm sure I walked barefoot on concrete because we ran around barefoot most of the summer. I too have an obsession for books and don't seem to be able to read as many as I used to. My eyes are bigger than my stomach in that area. That was quite a taxing time for you!

Anonymous said...

Your 'taxing' adventure was certainly worth it, I'm sure :)
I'm a fan of sauteed peppers and onions, but have never tried the colored peppers. I will now!
That's a great random thought!

Mevely317 said...

The Starfish Story is wonderful. I'm certain its message will stay with me a very long time.

Theresa said...

I can see how meeting a blog friend in person would be taxing, but so worth it afterwards! I love the Starfish story. Have a great rest of the week :)

Michelle F said...


I was thinking sand dollars, even as I was writing starfish. LOL
there are doves in sand dollars. But, you have to open it a certain way.
Oh, I also have 4 bookshelves full of books. I love reading.
Who would have thought the girl who made F's and D's in school now loves books and does reviews? Surprisingly I have had a lot of positive comments on my reviews.
School just wasn't my thing :(

TexWisGirl said...

#4 made me smile. the only ginger i've ever really eaten is ginger salad dressing at the hibachi places. yum!

Sarita Boyette said...

I enjoyed your comments, especially your grandmother's admonition & The Starfish Story. Have heard TSS before but it's always good for a repeat. Hope you are doing OK. Love to you.

Joyce said...

I find I'm using the library a lot lately. I've remembered my love of holding a book in my hand and am enjoying weekly trips to the library. I always have a book on my kindle but tend to read there only when I'm traveling or out somewhere. If I'm at home I want a 'real' book.

Carla from The River said...

Hi Debby,
Thank you for sharing the Star Fish Story.
I like real books. :-)
Enjoy the weekend,

Sharon said...

Loved the quote at the end. I'm afraid I've been guilty of the thought pattern "I can't do everything" - only to end up not doing anything. Hmmm...good food for thought.


shortybear said...

good answers

Claudya Martinez said...

I can't believe you got to go to "American Idol" happy for you! What a wonderful experience.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I keep saying I need to do another garden. To find the extra time .. ugh lol :)

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