Saturday, May 25, 2019


I haven't felt well for several days now. Wednesday was my last day of bowling and I had to go. No way I was going to miss it. 

So since it was the last day I wanted to go and get my pedicure at the place I've been going to for like 15 years that's out that way. Also wanted to stop at Target for something. If you follow me on Facebook you probably read both of these stories.....
#1 - Picture this scenario....I empty my truck to take Mark to the Airport last Thursday. (Mini Cooper) I put my bowling ball back in today for our last day of bowling. Didn't bother with the other stuff because I'm picking Mark up on Sunday so I put only my bowling bag in. 

So I go and get my pedicure after bowling and realized I don't have my normal pair of sandals in the trunk to wear home. So it's raining and I needed to get a few things at Sprouts and Target. It basically only drizzled when I went into Sprouts.
It started raining harder when I left and here I am in those crazy thin things they give your to wear. I was too stubborn to put on my Toms, did not want to ruin my pedicure! Also they are brand new Toms and I didn't want to wear them in the rain.
So I go into Target one of them broke on my way to check out, no way to fix it! So needless to say when I left Target I was barefoot in the pouring rain....LOL! Can you imagine what people were thinking of me??? 

That ended up being a 9 hour day away from home because of the errands, rain and traffic! Not to mention that I was sick on top of that!!! 

#2 - I had the weirdest encounter with a doctor on Thursday at Urgent Care. I haven't felt well for a few days. Always thinking I will feel better tomorrow but yesterday and today were no better. So I went to Urgent Care.
So you go back to the room and do the usual stuff, temp, BP, etc. Usually you wait for the doctor to come in but no, they come to get you and take you to the doctor.
So this doctor is sitting behind a desk. I told him what was wrong, he listened to my chest and then sat back down. Didn't want to hear my story. I've only been dealing with lung infections for 40 years!

He picks up a phone and starts ordering things. When he was done I said who did you call. He said the pharmacy across the parking lot. I said what did you order? He starts listing stuff and I heard him say two different inhalers. I said I don't want those, I already have inhalers, I'm already in donut hole with Medicare. So he calls them back and cancels the inhalers.

Said I need a breathing treatment and I said I do those at home already. He didn't care. So I got a steroid shot in one arm, adrenaline shot in the other, a breathing treatment and a chest x-ray.
Then I see him again in his office, he listened to my lungs and said I was good to go. However he didn't get up, I had to go behind his desk so he could listen to my lungs. I picked up a steroid, antibiotic and cough syrup at the pharmacy across the parking lot.
This man, who I thought was pretty arrogant when I met him is 81 years old and still practicing medicine. I guess I have to assume he knows a lot more than I do!!

Side note: I have to tell you that the adrenaline shot really messed me up. Was up until 4 am Friday morning before I fell asleep for a few hours. Then last night I never fell asleep at all. I tried warm milk, anxiety pill and eventually at 5 am this morning I took a melatonin and sleep for a few hours.

I'm still not feeling well, the medications haven't kicked in like they usually do. Had to miss the gym this week which upsets me and I am flying to Florida in a few weeks so I need to feel better soon....

So FYI, on the way home I stopped at Target to return something from the day before and I had shoes on! 

I babysat a week ago Friday. He was so good. I feed him, he had his bottle, a bath and went right down to sleep. I spent the night because they were going to be out late and Mark was fishing in Canada. 

I have to tell you that when he first sees you he stares for a few seconds and then the biggest smile comes over his face. Melts my heart. So come Saturday morning he did a double take when he woke up and was being changed. He looked at me like "what are you doing here in the morning?" Again the biggest smile came over his face. It was so cute!!! 

Here's a photo Adam and Gabby texted me yesterday.


betty said...

He's so adorable!! So neat too that he recognizes you and smiles when he sees you!! I bet he is a joy to be around!

You did have a weird week. I hope you feel better soon. That doctor really didn't have a good bedside manner. Seems so odd in his interaction with you.

Too funny about Target! I bet you'll be careful with shoes whenever you go out and about in the future especially to it :)


Chatty Crone said...

That last picture is just beautiful of him. Wow.
Now Debby - you need to start staying in a bit more and taking care of yourself. Rain and bare feet are not good for what you have. I am very worried about you.

Love, sandie

Sandra said...

I bet he was totally shocked when you appeared that early. glad you could stay and help and play with him for a longer time and I know they were happy to not be changing the first diaper of the day... fun for all of you. that is at the top of the weird list for doctors. not someone I would want to see. I find that about 95 percent of doctors do not listen. I will not get on my soapbox here. ha ha. hope your toenails still look good

Mevely317 said...

Oh my word! Any of these things taken by itself would prompt me to say, "What a nightmare!" But BOTH - coupled with the insomnia - is just insane. Thank goodness for beautiful blond boys to lessen the ache! PLEASE take good care of yourself, my friend. Praying for good days going forward!

Little Penpen said...

We will do anything to not mess up those toes! I understand! That doctor, though... we used to have an antique pediatrician that worked with us at the hospital. When he would come in to assess his newborn infants, he sometimes never touched their chest with the stethoscope. Would pat the baby and say "fine baby." lol I hope you get to feeling better. YOUR BABY IS ONE OF THE PRETTIEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!

Love Of Quilts said...

I'm thinking how weir a doctor setting and you going to him until you said his age, poor thing probably can't stand. Cute little baby you have. I do hope you get to feeling better.

ReHiTu said...

He's so adorable!

Pam said...

Oh Debby, he is just the most adorable with that smile and that hair. I know he adds brightness to your day. As dor being sick....I am so sorry! I really hope you start to feel better SOON. I hate docs like that, like you really owe them for them seeing you.....drives me nuts.

Ann said...

He is just the most adorable little guy. Puts a smile on my face just looking at his happy little face.
That was a strange encounter with that doctor and how odd that you had to go around the desk to him.

Cindy said...

His smile is absolutely adorable!! Doesn't it melt your heart when they realize it's you?! Grandparenting is the BEST!

That was a very unusual doctor visit you had. I've never heard of anyone having to go behind a desk to see the doctor. After all that, he didn't even really help you. I hope you begin to feel better soon, even if it's just on your own!

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