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Hello friends and once again welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.   I am so happy to have people joining in and making this so much fun.

I am listening to a nostalgic music channel right now with songs of the 40's  and it  made me think that perhaps we could discuss some nostalgia here. I hope you will enjoy thinking about these questions this week.

Looking back...

1. What music were your parents listening to when you were a kid?  Does that music bring back memories for you?

To be perfectly honest I don't remember them playing music but I am sure that they did. Most likely Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin. 

2. What was your favorite meal and beverage as a teenager?  Is it still or have things changed for you?

Favorite meal was Barone's Pizza in Brookfield, IL. I'm pretty sure I drank Coke and maybe some Royal Crown.  

I am sure most of you know we still love Chicago pizza and our freezer is always full of Home Run Inn and Lou Malnati's pizza. We also love Aurelio's pizza which we are able to get when we pass through Las Vegas going to Montana. 

Home Run Inn pizza is available here in the grocers freezer. Lou's pizza we have shipped from Chicago. They are now shipping Aurelio's but the price is way out of line and we won't do it. 

I haven't had a soda in about 25 years or more. I drink water. Once in a while if I feel nauseous I will have a ginger ale. 

3. As a teen did you live in a city, country, small town?  What was it like for you there.   Tell us about your hometown please?

I lived in a town called North Riverside which was small but there were towns all around us. It's not like it was off by itself.  

It's just how the towns were laid out then. I could walk for maybe 10 blocks and be in Brookfield. It really didn't have a main street. The best things were the parades and the 4th of July celebrations. 

4. Would you like to live in your hometown today? Why or why not?

Sure, I wouldn't mind living there today but I don't care to go back to the cold weather. North Riverside was about 30 miles from downtown Chicago. It's a beautiful city! 

Family members are all buried there so I seldom get to visit them. I would certainly love being around my high school friends who still live there. 

Thank you Annie.
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Ann said...

When I was a kid there was one night that we always watched Lawrence Welk for my dad and Hee Haw for my mother. The didn't share the same taste in music apparently.
I think as a teenager my favorite was always burger, fries and a coke.
I grew up in the suburbs. I wouldn't say it was a small town especially compared to where I live now. I still reside in the same county just a different part of it.

MadSnapper said...

all of the pizza mentioned I have never had but am sure I would like most of it. now I am craving pizza. I would not be interested in living in Savannah, my home for most of my childhood, or kentucky where the other part was. I loved KY the whole five years there, but would not now. sounds like you had the best of both worlds, small town living next to large town living. is that where the theater was that you went to every day

betty said...

It seems like you grew up in a lovely town, Debby. I remember my mom having the radio station on all the time while she was at home doing chores and the like. It was the local "pop" station. The pizzas you describe always sound so delicious! I can see why you would keep a supply of some of them in your freezer!


Mevely317 said...

Aside from an occassional Dixieland Jazz LP, I don't remember much music being played in my childhood home. There was always Mitch Miller or Lawrence Welk once a week, but no soundtrack to our lives. Odd, b/c now I realize we don't play music that much in our own home.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Your hometown sounds lovely. And it's interesting how coming from that area you grew up with pizza. We never had pizza when I was growing up, except when we made a Chef Boyardee Pizza from a box. That's the only kind I ever knew until Pizza Hut came a long. Oh yes, we had to watch Lawrence Welk each week, and we did enjoy Hee Haw too once it started, but it could never replace Lawrence Welk in our house. That was a Saturday night ritual. LOL. I enjoyed your memories. Thanks for sharing with us.

Annsterw said...

I think I would love to go live in your old hometown!! It sounds wonderful! Have a great week!

Cathy said...

Fun post Debby. I'm enjoying reading everyone's answers and finding out about your hometowns. See, I don't really remember mom and dad listening to music either. But they sang a lot in the car.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I still live in the same suburb I did as a kid. In fact I live about 3 minutes from my parents former house. I wish I could still run down there and have morning coffee with them,

Lori said...

I love that you could walk to the next towns. That would be neat! Your hometown sounds so nice. Loved your answers! Have a nice week.


Chatty Crone said...

I agree about the cold weather. I did like Chicago tho - it was an interesting place back then.
Love the pizza's too.
Bet you went to the zoo a lot.
So you don't drink cokes?

photowannabe said...

Interesting questions today..I do remember Lawrence Welk being a mainstay. the radio was on but it was mostly Soap Operas while Mom did her housework.
I guess it was hamburgers but I don't think I drank much soda..probably root beer from A&W.
I lived in a fairly small town but would never want to go back there. It turned into a "ghetto"
Too scary now..then it was post WWII and really nice.

annie said...

Loving reading about all the hometowns. I don't mind cold weather so NJ is a great place for me and I wouldnt mind going farther north either.

Susan said...

We enjoyed out trip to Tahoe. Lots of beautiful country off the 395. But I like our home. Our last home in Corona was like yours, on a hill with a view. We downsized after we retired. Enoy your trip to Montana!

R's Rue said...

I love these. Regine

CheerfulMonk said...

I lived in a small town, at the time fairly distant from my high school and friends. It's now no longer isolated. I haven't been back in a long time.

photowannabe said...

Well, my comment seems to have disappeared.
We used to watch Lawerence Welk and Mom had the radio on to listen to her soap operas while she did her housework.
Don't know if there was a favorite food for teenage me..probably hamburgers would have been at the top of the list.
I made "homemade" Chef Boyardee packaged pizza mix for my mom and dad. We loaded it up with all kinds of goodies and loved every mouthful.
Not much of a soda drinker for many years now. I sure feel better for quitting that habit.
I do love the feel of a small town.

Kirstin said...

My husband and youngest daughter went to Chicago quite a few years ago now for a soccer tournament, they loved all the pizza. Deep dish and otherwise. The place they went they actually will ship it to you. My daughter and I tried recreating it after they got back..we did pretty good, but our altitude makes it a little tricky. I don't drink soda anymore...If you can find Live Komboucha....they have "soda" flavors and they are really good and healthier than pop

ellie said...

Sweet Moments! The pizza sounds amazing. I remember as a teen trying vanilla coke and it was amazing❤️ I still like it. And make my own at home ever great once in awhile. But like you, I drink a lot of water.

Visits With Mary said...

I love pizza too! We still live in our hometown and I'm glad we do. Our life is here and it's a great little town. Enjoyed reading your answers, hope you're enjoying a good day.

The Feminine Energy said...

I love reminiscing... maybe a little too much, actually. *lol* I loved reading about your memories, Debby! Home Run Inn frozen pizza.... the BEST!!!! ~Andrea xoxo

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