Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Head on over and join in the fun!

1. What insect are you most afraid of? Feel free to post a picture.
I would have to say spiders.

2. What is the greenest/most organic thing about you or that you do?
We recycle almost everything. We have more stuff in our recycle bin then our trash container. I try to use green products in my home and buy organic when I can.

3. Tell me about a recurring dream that haunts you.
Just recently I had a dream about my husband and the woman he had left me for 27 years ago. He was leaving me again. I hadn't had that dream in forever and it really bothered me.

4. Have you ever missed a flight? What were the circumstances?
No I haven't.

5. What do you consider your best feature?
As I have gotten older the features have changed. I don't feel like I have a best anymore. I think I have a good sense of humor, does that count?

6. What was the last concert you went to?
Oh my it's been like 10 years at least if not longer. We saw Steely Dan.

7. Describe the most embarrassing church moment you ever experienced.
I don't remember one in particular but it probably had to do with not singing the right words or singing when I wasn't supposed to.

8. Are you a whistler, hummer or singer?

9. George Washington Carver said, "I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in." What is God saying to you through nature today, or this very minute?
Well I was just outside and was taking pleasure in the beautiful day He gave us.

10. On September, 1, 1752, the Liberty Bell arrived in Philadelphia. What memorable event will take place in your life on September 1, 2010?
My son-in-laws birthday!

11. Taco Bell or the Liberty Bell? (You must choose.)
I will say Liberty Bell but I haven't seen it in person but Taco Bell sounds pretty awesome, I want some now.

12. Do you believe men and women can have purely platonic friendships?
Yes I do but not with someone you dated at some point.


Anonymous said...

Nice answers! I'm coming across a lot of people who are afraid of spiders.

Nichol said...

Bees scare me more than spiders, although Florida had some nasty BIG spiders. I'm a hummer, whistler and singer....hum when I don't know the words lol. What scroll are you talking about won't work?

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

What a fun post, thank you for sharing. Hugs
P.S. my husband doesn't like spiders either :-)

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday to your son in hubs is celebrating a birthday today too.

Sense of humor definitely counts...I think it gets us further in life than most of our physical features : )

Christina Lee said...

Steely Dan for the WIN! Love the new background!

Together We Save said...

Love your Random Dozen... I would have to pick Taco Bell, yumm! But I would like to see the Liberty Bell.

Randi Troxell said...

totally HATE spiders.. lizards too, oh but those are insects.. lol

have a wonderful wed!!

Amy said...

I think everything about you is the best. I love Taco Bell and so want some too. Wonderful answers as always. Have a great day.. Off to clean..

That corgi :) said...

happy birthday to your son-in-law Debby!! sorry about that dream, that would be disturbing I do believe. I know several people not fond of spiders, they are okay, I'm not fond of lizards. Like you, we try to recycle a lot and our recycle can goes out 2:1 to be picked up over the trash so that's some progress :)

have a good day!


Nezzy said...

I tremble in severe storms, I went through a tornado when I was a five year old chicklett. Yet I have always had this weird dream of elephants chasin' me and just before I get blasted by the charger...I wake up. Go figure.....

God bless ya and have just an extraordinary day sweetie!!!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

I liked this little Q & A Miss Debby! I sing the wrong words in church a lot...because I like to close my eyes during worship...I've even done it a couple times during a performance. Yikes....need to keep my eyes open and read the words. Or...I could just keep being me and give a smile and shrug next time I get humbled when I mess up the words because I'm busy worshipping! =)

Have a great day!

Kirby3131 said...

My sister used to live in Philly, so I've seen the Liberty Bell. It really was cool. Funny how a bell can be cool to see, but it was.

I hope that dream just goes away. Not good to wake up with such a thought.

I believe men and women can have purely platonic friendships. In the transplant community I've found myself becoming very close to the men (and women, too) without any inappropriate feelings just healing and friendship.

Kristin - The Goat

blueviolet said...

Debby, that dream would have bothered me too! Now Taco Bell sounds good to me too!

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

I hate spiders too...but I always seem to be the one that has to kill them! Love all your fun answers, Debby!

LV said...

What an interesting and informative post on your thoughts. Snakes, I hate. Thanks for your visit.

momma24 said...

Great answers. You are waay better than me on recycling, I need to do better.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I think a sense of humor is the very best feature of all!


Debby, I am SO wanting to be a Bagel lol. Maybe soon.

Great list.

Kristie said...

I'm most afraid of an insects that can sting-never like them buzzing around me! :-)

I think everyone sings at the wrong time in church at some point-I know I have! :-)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I have that same dream that haunts me, something we just never can get over.

Your smile makes me smile every time my dear ;).

How cool his b-day is on that day!

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