Wednesday, January 18, 2012


1. A new Miss America was crowned on Saturday night-did you watch? If you were a contestant what would your talent be?
No I did not watch. I can't remember the last time I watched one. There is absolutely no talent that I could perform!

2. Do you have houseplants? Real or fake?
Yes I do. I have a few fake ones because of location to light. I have several real plants also. I love real plants and there was a time in my life when I had over 200 living plants in my house. I was the manager of a flower shop back in the day.

3. When you were in school did you speak up or were you more of the hide your face, avoid eye contact, and pray the teacher didn't call on you type of student?
I would definitely hide my face! I made it through school because the teachers liked me. I was a sweet honest cute little girl. I melted their hearts but in the long run they didn't do me any favors by giving me passing grades.

4. Next Monday marks the Chinese New Year...what do you order when someone suggests Chinese food?
Usually Chow Mein and an orange chicken item.

5. How would you define a miracle? What would it take for you to consider something a miracle?
A miracle to me is something that could not have possibly happened without God being involved, like when someone has cancer and with prayer the cancer has left their body. I know there have been miracles that I have not seen but I believe they happened.

6. What's your favorite Disney song?
I love the song from Enchanted called "That's How You Know (When Your in Love)"

7. I should have ________ yesterday.
Bowled better!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I am on my way to Las Vegas today (God willing) so you will not hear from me! Unfortunately after having a weekend of feeling really good health wise I woke up Monday morning with a miserable cold. I am fighting tooth & nail to keep it from going into my lungs. I got myself to bowling yesterday then got my bag ready and then I just laid low the rest of the day.

I have a prayer request.
I have two close personal friends at bowling who are cousins to each other. Their cousin Marysa joined their team this year. Marysa recently had a urinary track infection and ended up going into renal failure. They actually have had to get her heart back once already after crashing. She has a sweet little 3 yr old son. As of yesterday she was not doing well and woke up with severe chest pain. Please say a prayer for Marysa. I believe in the power of prayer.

Thank you Joyce for all the wonderful questions. If you want to join in just click on the button!


Keetha Broyles said...

I did not watch the pagent but I heard the winner was a Wisconsinite just like me!!!

Polly said...

Again love the little snippets about you. Love a good Chow Mein too!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Hope you feel better - have fun in Vegas!

Hilary said...

Feel better. I actually don't like Chinese food. I realized the last time I ate it was 6 years ago before my mom moved to florida... she loves it, and I would go with her

Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

My mom had COPD, so I know how important it is to avoid any kind of bug that could settle into the lungs. Sure hope you can fight off that cold. And that you have a wonderful time in Vegas. Praying for Marysa.

Joyce said...

Have fun in LV and feel better! I will pray for your friend. Take care.

April said...

Orange chicken...YUM! I will keep your friend close in my prayers...hope everything turns out OK.

Kerri said...

praying ..
so jealous i want to go to vegas! hope i can go with my friend in the spring!

Nel said...

Hope you are feeling better! I have not bowled in so long except on the Wii. lol. Vegas... sounds like fun, if my hubby gets elected for a delegate to a convention, we may go in September. I will be praying for your friend!
until next time... nel

Nani said...

Sending prayers for Marysa.

Sending a prayer for you too that the head-cold goes away and stays out of your lungs!

Nezzy said...

I did so love readin' through your list sweetie.

Please know I'll be prayin for Marysa, what a horrific thing to happen. We serve a big mighty God!!!

Have a fantastically blessed day sweetie!!! :o)

Sarah (Nikki) said...

Hi and double wow....200 plants!!!!!! I forget to water them. THey would never have survived with us. And you do have talent...every week you make me smile. Get better...get to Los Vegas and have a ton of fun. Praying for Marysa. I believe in miracles too.

Kathy said...

200 houseplants, now that's a lot of plants to water! LOL

Hope you feel better, and enjoy your trip to Vegas.

Chatty Crone said...

It started out with a simple UTI and has gone into all this other. County my prayers in. Have fun in Las Vegas. sandie

Kristie said...

Have fun in Vegas! :-)

I'll keep your friend in my prayers :-)

secret agent woman said...

I'm keeping your friend in my thoughts - that's very scary.

I was one of those obnoxious kids who always had her hand raised in class!

Have fun on your trip!

skoots1mom said...

prayers for marysa...

Nichol said...

Oh no saying prayers. UTIs are very scary. If we didn't get Zoe's diagnosis when we did, it could have ended up bad.

My son is my miracle!!

Have fun in Vegas:)

Katherine said...

I used to bowl. I was the handicap if that tells you anything.

Sorry i don't get around often. Super busy these days!

Garden of Egan said...

Haven't watched Miss America in forever.

Will pray for your friends.

Love Of Quilts said...

Prayers for your friend you are so right if it be his will God can heal anyone. Have a safe trip.

Becca said...

I used to love watching Miss America and then I just stopped one year. My talent would probably be flute playing....but I would sure need to practice!

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