Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I try to be quiet on my blog about Religion and Politics because I have never felt that this is the place to voice my opinion. I do mention God often but I don't preach about Him. What I have been finding today is that many of my close friends here have voiced their feelings over the election that took place yesterday and I admire their boldness to speak from their heart.
Truth be told....I am broken. Broken in a way I have only felt once before in my life and that is when my husband left me. Broken is hard to overcome. I come from a family who voted for Republicans when I was growing up. That's not to say I only vote that way.
First and foremost I know very little about politics and religion. I love God, he is my Heavenly father and He loves me unconditionally. Can I quote the Bible, no! When it comes to politics you could probably show me a picture of a donkey and an elephant but I couldn't tell you who is who! If I was in a room of people and the question to the audience was "Have you ever voted for a president because of their looks?" I could raise my hand to that one.
If you come here often you know I am pretty open and honest. Not very much you don't know about me. Have I voted for a Democrat in the past? Yes I have and I actually voted for Obama in 2008. My husband convinced me that he was the best choice.
If you know me well you know that the color of a persons skin does not mean a thing to me. My parents raised me to love all people equally. Now that's not to say I don't get angry when English is not the spoken language in our country. My ancestors come over from Europe and only spoke Bohemian. They had to learn to write and to speak English so why has that changed? No one printed up papers in Bohemian for them to read in order to become American citizens! See, I do have voice.
I embraced Obama being President and was ready for change. Yes I know he was handed a plate filled of crap when he took office but that plate never got empty, it only got heavier. So this election for was about change and giving someone else a try. I didn't want to give him 4 more years.
Just look at the areas that Romney won. You can't tell me that people were not ready for a change. Like I said I know nothing about politics, it all goes over my head most of the time but why, when so many in California voted for Romney do all of our electoral votes only go in one direction. What was the point of my vote in this state?
I love the USA, I want it back!
I may not be as educated as some are when it comes to politics but I am entitled to my view. I know that we all have our opinions, this is just mine. I also respect your opinion and am not saying anything to start an argument, I just want future generations in my family to know who I am.

P.S. I am aware that Obama won the popular vote and that makes my stomach hurt!


Pen Pen said...

I'm sorry, too. And that map looks very very RED to me, too.

Trisha Larson said...


We are having a hard time with it too. I keep telling my husband and my kids that we have to trust God with this one because there is nothing that we can do now.

My daughter will be able to vote in the next Presidential election and I just hope and pray that it's not too late to save the country that our Founding Fathers planned for us.


Secret Agent Woman said...

The map may look red, but the vote tally as of mid-afternoon today was 60,193,076 votes for Obama to 57,468,587 for Romney. So Obama actually won both the electoral college and the popular vote. I'm not criticizing your politics, I promise, just letting you know that in fact, Obama did have the support of the majority.

Deb said...

I applaud you Debby! That was a brave post

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Well, it is indeed a very sad state of affairs for our nation. And, I do believe that we as a country are going to pay dearly for this. But, we must remain hopeful! Blessings!

The Boston Lady said...

Politics is a tricky subject and I too try to stay away from it on my blog except to express my feelings of patriotism. This was my first time voting in California and I'm not even sure I did it correctly - the lady said the machine said I did, but how does the machine know what I wanted. LOL! I also did not have to show a picture ID. That was new to me too. I find the electoral vote confusing and think that perhaps needs to be revised, it's quite dated. Of course, I want a lot of things changed, but we won't go into that. As Secret Agent Woman said, President Obama did have the majority of the popular vote, but my it was a close race. I still believe in our system and I believe in the resilience of the American people. I have hope for the next four years. There's always hope. And for the next presidential election, my hope is that we have less nastiness from all sides. Ann

That corgi :) said...

I'm so very disappointed today, Debby. I really don't think our country can take another four years like the four years we had behind us. I guess others think we can manage it and that this time perhaps Mr. Obama will get it right and get some things done. I don't see it. I think Mr. Romney did a very good job with what he had to work with and I think he did impressive considering he was going up against such a dynamic personality like Mr. Obama,who in my opinion is an excellent speaker but not much of a doer. But this is when I have to trust God and know that he has ultimate authority over everyone and anything and he allowed the election to go the way it did. I think America has to really be fearful over the next four years in so many ways. We'll see how it plays out and if change does happen. I have no hope for it though. None whatsoever.


Sonya said...

That map is cool in the fact that evidently people were looking for change. I'm still shocked that the county I used to live in voted the majority Republican. It's rare for that to happen in a college town. It used to be that county blue and everyone around it red.

Michele said...

I'm glad you have a voice. :)

Life in a Small Town said...

I'm hoping that he will realize how many people voted against him and that will open his eyes some. I'm also hopeful that both sides will get together (like he said they will) and work together. I look for Paul Ryan to make a run in 2016!

Renegades said...

I liked Paul Ryan. The two running in my opinion were both bad choices. Every vote counts and so glad to hear your voice Debby!

Anonymous said...


I want you to know that both my husband and I were dumbfounded, shocked, and saddened by the way the election panned out. It is a crying shame, and it is so hard to not be disappointed in America today.
However, God IS still in control. No elected person can enter into there supreme role without God's divine placement of them there, and even though Obama in office may seem {be} *bad* for Christians, Israel, the economy, etc, this will all fit into God's plan, and He will care for you, Debby, all of the way through it.
Even if B.O. is not a man of God, he can still be used by Him for prophetic plans to fall into place.
Remember that when you are weak, HE is strong. And, we are in this together.

You are loved,


Karen Mortensen said...

Very well said.

Sweet Tea said...

I share your views, but I am hapoy we live in a country where there are choices, even when my choice is not the one chosen. It seems politics goes in cycles. Guess we'll jst have to ride it out.

Garden of Egan said...

Much the way I feel.

nancygrayce said...

I cried this morning.......then Russell said Nancy, God hasn't changed. He hasn't and I know He has a reason. As we move forward, I am focusing on that thought, although I admit I am disappointed in how things turned out.

My brothers who now own my daddy's business are feeling very broken today. This will have a huge effect on small businesses....I'm praying!

Laura said...

I'm sorry you're so sad. I felt the same whey "my guy" didn't win in previous elections. I promise you that broken feeling will not feel so hard in the days to come. I think this is how it always is after any election for anyone whose candidate doesn't win. I felt the same way when Gore actually won the popular vote. Still, I respected Bush and I do hope the country will do the same for President Obama. In the end I think both candidates want a better America just have a different way of going about it. People felt this same way four years ago... and 8... and 12... You know I love ya!

Sarita Boyette said...

Debby, I'm with you! I looked at that same map & wondered why, with all the red, it turned out the way it did. All I can do is pray for pur leaders. I, too, don't care what color Obama is, I'm concerned about his political record. The Lord is in control, so I will try not to worry. Love you!

Katherine said...

I struggled with this election, and I never really gave any indication of which way I was leaning. Living in the Midwest, there are many upset individuals!

Kristie said...

I understand how you feel. That's the way I felt last election...for some reason I'm more at ease with the outcome this time around. I'm not happy with it, just at ease. No matter who is president, the country needs our prayers for good leadership.

I didn't realize how much red there was! Makes me feel better about my vote and that many others felt the same.

Joyce said...

The map is the most confusing thing of all.

I truly did think about just letting the election slide right on by on my blog, but then a comment was made to me that caused me to really think about that. The gist of it was this...I began to feel like my left leaning friends feel free to remark and comment, but if I question their remark or ask them to back it up with fact I'm just stirring up trouble? Sorry-this is America and everybody gets to speak. Good for you for sharing your heart. I've been a little riled up...I'll calm down tomorrow : )

Chatty Crone said...

Debby you and I feel exactly the same way. I am usually very CHATTY, but it has been hard about what to say and putting my thoughts together. Just feel kind of sad. Wondering what will happen. sandie

Tami said...

Our political views may not be the same, but I still wanted to comment and let you know I thought you wrote your feeling down very well.

AND 'm not criticizing your political view when I say this: Looking at the red map can be misleading. Obama's vote tally was higher than Romney. So Obama actually won both the electoral college and the popular vote.

Headless Mom said...

i'm glad you spoke up. You're allowed. (Sometimes I need to tell myself that!)

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