Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Volume 189
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Thank you Joyce, always a fun day for me.

1. On Thursday we pause to remember a dark day in history-9/11. Will you mark it in some special way?
I will definitely be praying for all the families who lost their loved ones along with praying for our country. 

2. Do you ever/still...listen to an actual radio? Watch a videotape (VCR)? Look up a number in a phonebook? Refer to a paper map while traveling? Set an alarm on an alarm clock as opposed to your phone?
Yes I do listen to the radio but mainly at Christmas when they have the uninterrupted Christmas music. I still have a VCR plugged in but haven't used it in years. It would be very rare for me to look up a number in the phone book. 

(update because I missed this one) I like to look at a map before I leave but we use GPS. I have my alarm on the phone but have an alarm clock next to the bed. My husband does use the alarm clock on his bedside table each night. 

3.  Is it ever a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don't know?
It would be very rare but possibly religion if someone is hurting. I do like to reach out if I can. 

4. What's a dish you haven't eaten all summer, but come September find yourself craving? Have you made it yet this month?
The only thing that comes to mind is that I start to think about all things pumpkin. 

5. What's something you know nothing about?
Well that is probably a long list but I will just say a car engine to make it easy. 

6. September is Classical Music Month. Do you like classical music? If so, what's your favorite piece?
Pachelbel Canon in D is my favorite. Otherwise I do not listen to Classical Music at all. I am a fan of Smooth Jazz. This is my favorite music for a wedding. 
7. What's the oldest thing you own?
I'm going to say the 1929 Singer sewing machine that belonged to my grandfather who was a tailor. Next would be our dining room set that belonged to Mark's grandparents. 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
I would love if you could visit my FOR YOUR TEARS blog and read my post about a special book called "Rare Bird" which was released yesterday. I have been very close with Anna Donaldson since her son passed away on September 8, 2011. 

I have read Anna's blog posts since this tragic event and she never ceased to amaze me with her words. I would read her posts so I could comment with compassion and hope to help her on her journey of grieving but that didn't happen, it was her who inspired me with her writing.

I have not read the book yet but it should arrive shortly from Amazon. I do know that people like me who have followed Anna on her walk and have been reading her posts never expected to be so blown away by this book. They assumed they already new their story from her blog posts. I've been in the circle of early reviews and they have been truly amazing. 


Cranberry Morning said...

Oh I also LOVE uninterrupted Christmas music right after Thanksgiving, for we usually have snow by then and I stretch out the Christmas season as long as possible. It's the only nice thing about winter up here in the Northwoods! And I agree about car engines. Yikes. LOL

Sandra said...

when the weather cools off i crave homemade veggie soup.. i like the music in the video, have it playing while reading. beautiful. my hubby says i know everything about everything and i agree... LOL

TexWisGirl said...

i still use our tiny little local city and county phone books to look up phone numbers here. :) often, i've found, local businesses are not in the on-line yellow pages. :)

Joyce said...

I'll hop over to your other blog later today. I love Pachelbel Canon too, which is also lovely for a wedding. Enjoy your day Debby! Hope you're feeling better.

Rebecca Jo said...

I need to check that other blog out & that book!!!

I love old vintage sewing machines. I think they are just beautiful.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I'm so with you on the Christmas music.

I've been working hard on this one about talking with God with ppl. I know I'm suppose to be but it's been hard. Getting better at it :)

Pumpkin ... oh my fav!!!

I'll head over now to read it.

Hope you're doing better. HUGS

Michelle F said...

Hi Debby,

I'll have to check out the book.
I love the cover.

Great choice on #6.
I'm listening to it now.

Have a blessed day.

bp said...

Thanks for sharing about the book.

I don't have many pumpkin recipes I make, I do make some muffins. Maybe it's time to mix some up. Caleb likes them for breakfast.

How are you doing?

Barbara said...

Thank you for the video of Pachelbel. I do love that one, too. It's a calming piece in a world of chaos.

Jessy Gaffen said...

How could I forget pumpkin? And apples! Soon I'll have bushels of apples to can and freeze!

edshunnybunny said...

Our favorite classical song is the same :)

I have my grandmother's old Singer sewing machine, too. I forgot about it because it's in our storage shed!

I went over to FOR YOUR TEARS, and I also read some on Anna's blog. She's quite an author. I may have to buy her book. Thanks for the 'heads up'.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh me too. I crave pumpkin this time of year as well.

I hope you are feeling better.

Nikki Scatchard said...

We used to listen to Christmas music on the radio too but now we just put our ipods on the Christmas shuffle and let it play aloud from the iphone dock. :)
That's sad about your friends son. No parent should have to outlive their child. :(

Chatty Crone said...

I don't know anything about engines either!!! Not sure I want to. And let us never forget 9-11~!

Terri D said...

Debby, I enjoyed your answers! I agree with you on the uninterrupted Christmas music! Such a joyful time, and it is coming fast!

Stacy said...

Uninterrupted Christmas music stations are the bestest...though they really don't have to start BEFORE Thanksgiving.

After the list of all the kinds of math I know nothing about, I said engines, too.

The book by your friend sounds lovely. I'll take a peek, but will have to put it on the list of books I'd like to read....too many already sitting here waiting for my attention.

holli said...

I listen to my radio every single day. Its a bad day if I cant listen to music. I think i'm the only one around that's not excited about all things pumpkin. I'm just not a fan. I do love baked pumpkin seeds ( pepitas).
I like some classical but I love the one you posted the best.

betty said...

I too like Canon D, Debby, I like when hubby will play a bit of it on his guitar :)

I follow Anna's blog off and on; she does indeed have an amazing way with words indeed. I am sure the book will be well received by so many going through similar tragic events.

Me too about car engines, LOL. That and anything electric.

How are you feeling? Of course it doesn't help that we are having very high temp days and due for more muggy weather next week.


Secret Agent Woman said...

I listen to the radio pretty much every time I drive.

I think the oldest thing I own is my engagement ring, made by my great-great uncle for his wife around 1900.

Cathy said...

I picked Pachelbel's Canon in D also. Love that music.

Claudya Martinez said...

I listen to the radio in the mornings and I really enjoy it.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Thank you for the shout out about Rare Bird! I appreciate it!

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