Monday, November 3, 2014


Retired Not Tired Memory Monday
Retired Not Tired
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First of all I can't believe it is November birthday was October 3rd and it feels like we just celebrated yesterday and it's only 51 days until Christmas!

This Weeks Prompt:
My First Friend

My first friend was my neighbor Shirley. We were the best of friends. We both had family issues that were never talked about and the fact that we had each other made it so special. 

Even as I type this I know that we never even understood it. I do remember her father pulling up in his car and her saying I have to go hide. They would hide under the bed or in the closets so he couldn't find them. I believe her mother got the brunt of all of it. He did drink and my mother also drank but nothing was ever explained. Things like this went unspoken. 

We played hard and had so much fun. We did silly things too. I am thinking we were maybe 8 years old and saw a neighbor throwing out clothes. Why I will never know but we actually took out bras from their trash, put them on, stuffed them to fill them out and walked through the alleys like we were hot stuff!!! How silly we must of looked. 

We would play in the woods which was normal back then. We had a billboard sign not far from the house and we would jump off the platform. Of course it wasn't real high like the ones you see today but thank God we never broke a leg. We were two of a kind.....

The house I grew up in is on the right and that is Shirley's house on the left. We even did the cans with string phone thing between the houses from her bedroom to mine! I also had some other awesome friends who I also consider my best friends who I went to school with. Shirley attended the Catholic school in the area. 

Shirley was in my wedding party and we still are in contact with each other with birthday cards and Christmas cards. She used to live in Colorado Springs, CO for years and years. She is now back in the Chicago area but we didn't get to meet up when I was there in September however we did talk on the phone which was probably the first time in over 40 years that we actually talked with each other. 

We certainly have come a long way from cans to cell phones! Here I was walking around the Brookfield Zoo talking to Shirley on the phone. Could never have predicated that when I was 8 years old.....


Sandra said...

time is on fast forward, we were just talking yesterday about the fact in 57 days it will be the year 2015, which when we were children was considered spaceship future with people flying and going into space and talking to each other on Screens on a wall.. and here we are living in the future..
you both look so very young in the wedding photo. it is a good thing you are still in touch with a friend from your childhood.

Nonnie said...

Time just won't stand still and every night I feel a kind of sadness that another day is gone. What a wonderful thing that you and Shirley had each other. Even if you didn't understand it, something in you did. I love your story about digging through the trash and wearing the bras. That is too funny. Sweet picture of you from your wedding.

No, we never dreamed 40 years ago of cell phones and personal computers. Sweet that you and Shirley got to talk.

Cranberry Morning said...

A reminder of the things many kids and their families are going through, that we are totally unaware of. I enjoyed your memories of your friend Shirley. We played with the tin can phones too, built forts, climbed trees, etc. Loved your old photo. So nice you and Shirley have kept track of one another.

TexWisGirl said...

how very cool that you two had each other as children, and still have been in touch, even recently. :)

retired not tired said...

A friend is someone who shares the joys as well as the sad times. Keeping in touch takes a lot of work.

Empty Nester said...

What a lovely memory! I enjoyed every word of it. How nice that y'all are still in touch. I'm going to get my friend's info from my cousin and reconnect for a bit. Love this!

Jessy Gaffen said...

La! La! Don't mention Christmas! I'm not ready for the holidays or snow! LOL

Oh, my! The bras! What a GREAT memory to share! Those are the memories that you'll belly-laugh with grandkids when they are older with kids of their own!

Great wedding photo!

I'm glad you've stayed in connect with one another!

Jessy Gaffen said...

La! La! Don't mention Christmas! I'm not ready for the holidays or snow! LOL

Oh, my! The bras! What a GREAT memory to share! Those are the memories that you'll belly-laugh with grandkids when they are older with kids of their own!

Great wedding photo!

I'm glad you've stayed in connect with one another!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I love this post! I had a best friend growing up and I lost touch with her; about three years ago, I looked her up and contacted her. I'd love to say we took off where we were, but didn't. I am still very close with my friend from high school and we try to see each at least once a year-it is hard since we live in a different state.
Hugs today.

Nani said...

How awesome is it to still be in touch so man years later? To be able to share memories, good and bad, with someone is so special.

Thanks so much for sharing!!

Rory Bore said...

How wonderful that you are still in contact with her!! Due to several moves in my life, I've always had to make new friends and let the old ones slip away. It's sad, but life really does get busy and it's harder to keep in touch.
I remember one new friend after that first move, lived several doors down in the townhouse complex with lived in. We would climb out our bedroom windows in the night and walk along the roof line to the other window, knock and let each other in. It was quite a surprise some mornings for our mothers to wake up to 2 daughters in a bed! LOL

Terri D said...

What great memories! I love the cans with string between your houses! I am so enjoying this Monday Memory exercise! Loved your post.

betty said...

What a great friendship you had with her, Debby, and amazing you are still in touch after all the years! I do hope you guys get to meet again face to face sometime!


Sweet Tea said...

Such a sweet, sweet post. I totally LOVED the bridal photo of you and your friend. Friendship is such a precious gift.

Denise said...

Enjoyed your memory.

April said...

Time is definitely marching on Debby...Christmas is fast-approaching! Loved reading about your friend. Old friends are the BEST!

Chatty Crone said...

I was just talking to myself in the car today thinking the same thing - how fast life goes. What a great memory and you still have her as a friend.

Secret Agent Woman said...

It's interesting to look at the two houses in a neat, pretty suburban setting and be reminded that nothing is ever as it seems.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Time is just running by too fast. I feel like I'm loosing gaps of time.

Great memories and friendship. Love to hear that!

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