Sunday, January 16, 2022


So I've been working on taking down Christmas....hooray! I will have almost everything organized today except for the big tree with it's ornaments. It's going to have to wait because I need to do some packing for myself on Monday and Tuesday. That is always stressful for me. 

We are going to be going to Adam and Gabby's to watch James and the dogs starting on Wednesday. They are attending a wedding in Mexico this week. There will be a few days when James is going to spend time with Gabby's mom, his cousins and her sister and brother in law but we will still be watching Roxy and Gracie and it's just easier at their home then ours. (Gracie gets into a lot of trouble)

As you know, the Hallmark movies have been my go to during the pandemic. I'm trying to pull away and watch less. I've just had this routine in the morning where I watch one that I taped and have my coffee. Then I go on my computer for awhile along with doing some things around the house. 

I don't think I shared with you the fact that I saw every new Christmas movie that was available on Hallmark, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Lifetime. 

Hallmark Channels New Christmas Movies   -  31
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries   -  11
Lifetime   -  35

They were all recorded which means you can FF through the commercials which takes less time to watch. I know it sounds crazy, and maybe it is, but I've been watching the Christmas movies for years and years. 

We celebrated Adam's 43rd birthday on Friday night. His birthday falls on Wednesday the 20th. We didn't make a big deal about in front of James, he didn't even know, except that we did get a beautiful meal delivered from Benihana's and a nice dessert which we ate after James went to bed. For now it's just easier this way because James gets upset if it's not his birthday. 
Love, Mom and Dad

 I also want to wish my Mother in law Vivian a Happy 94th Birthday. We all wanted to go to Houston to celebrate but with Covid it's just not the safest thing to do. 

Speaking of Covid our son in law Dylan, who is a nurse, just tested positive. On some of his days off about 10 days ago he didn't feel well. When he went back to work they tested him and it was negative. This morning he woke up not feeling well and he tested positive. Keep him and Amber in your prayers. Hoping she doesn't get it too. 

Hope all is well with everyone. Take care and God Bless. 


betty said...

Happy early birthday to Adam and happy birthday to your MIL! How exciting Debby with the time you/Mark will have with James! I know the time will go by super quick and you'll enjoy all the minutes you are there taking care of him :) Hopefully the dogs will behave too! Hooray with your work getting Christmas down too!! A great accomplishment. The rest hopefully will come together and soon everything will be packed away until next year!!

I think you are wise to gradually wean from your movies. Just plan a small activity to do and then "reward" yourself with a movie. That way you still get the enjoyment of watching something you like and some work will also get done!

Sorry to hear about Dylan. Will pray for his health and for Amber not to get sick. It seems like everyone has it now (or will have it). I heard if Arizona continues to go the way it does with the number of cases it is getting (25,000 yesterday) we should reach herd immunity by early summer. Don't know if I believe it or not but that's what the health director said.

Yum too with the meal from Benihana!


Chatty Crone said...

Happy birthday to Adam and happy birthday to your MIL. Gosh I am sorry Dylan has Covid - I do hope your daughter does not get it!!!
Have fun with James!!!
Good luck on your tree!
Hey where did you even get the list to make sure you copied the shows - I looked and looked and couldn't find the complete list like they used to make.

Mevely317 said...

How fun to spend time at Adam and Gabby's place! Like a stay-cation without all the stress of driving long distances or flying. It sounds as if you're making the best of a difficult situation, Debby. Lifting prayers for Dylan -- and Amber, too!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday to Adam and Vivian.
I don't think that sounds crazy at all recording all those movies. When I had the Hallmark channel I used to love to watch them. My daughter loves them.

Carla from The River said...

Hi Debby,
Praying for your family. COVID is running strong here too. My husband has several co workers with it.
My husband is taking this week of from work to start the kitchen project. We pray we stay well too.. after being with COVID people and not knowing it.

Mara said...

I taped all the films on television during the season and have watched them all as well. I must admit, there were pelenty where I just ff'ed through most of the fil as t hey were dreadful, but some of them were really good. Tehn yesterday I found a lot fo Christmasfilms on Amazon prime, so had another night of them.there was one I had taped and deleted before an, but I watched it last night and wondered why I had never wanted to see t , as it was a really nice film.

MadSnapper said...

I somehow missed this yesterday, now it is Monday 5 am your time so you might not be packing yet. sounds like a fun time keeping James and the pups.
as for the number of movies watched I was about to say I am shocked, that is a lot of movies, but then I realized two things. one I don't know how many days that was in, maybe a couple of months? 2nd is I read 23 books in a series of 23 in 2 months 2 weeks. same as watching movies, I make my own movies in my head, you watch movies someone else made in their head. nothing wrong with it unless you watched them all in say 2 weeks. Bob watches tv fro 5 am to 7:30 pm except for 30 minutes a few times a day walking in the back yard, that is the equivalent of 7 or 8 movies. I read 2 to 4 hours a day, and watch tv at night for 2 hours. that would be 3 movies a day. its all about perspective and for those who knit or quilt, they do the same

Little Penpen said...

🎈🎈🎈 to Adam and Vivian! Enjoy your grandson time!!

The Feminine Energy said...

Keeping positive thoughts & prayers for your SIL Dylan, Debby. This rotten virus!! Have a wonderful time on your "mini vacation" watching James & the dogs. I think it would be fun to get-away for a little while... but at the same time, coming home is wonderful as well. There's no place like home! ~Andrea xoxo

The Feminine Energy said...

PS~ Happy Birthdays to Vivian and Adam too!! :-)

photowannabe said...

Prayers for Adam and the rest of the family.
Happy packing!!
I'm glad you could have a party and celebrate.
Stay well and Just Breathe...

Susan said...

Sorry to hear about your son getting Covid. Happy Birthday to Adam. I am still trying to watch some Hallmark Christmas movies. I recorded one with Betty White and hope to watch it this week sometime. Enjoy the rest of our cool week!

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