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Thank you Joyce.
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1. Do you complete your own tax returns or hire out? Something you've found taxing lately?

Mark does our taxes online with H & R Block.  

2. It's spring (in the northern hemisphere anyway)...would you rather spend the day hiking in the great outdoors or planting a garden? Do you/will you have a garden this year? Flowers, vegetables, or a bit of both?

Well, we are in Montana right now so we would like to spend the day seeing some beautiful area. We are thinking of seeing Lost Lake. It is the Shonkin Sag which is one of the most important geological sites in world. 

Yes, we will have a garden this year. It will be vegetables. 

3. Do you consider yourself a patient person? In what sort of situation is patience not desirable? Are you happy with the degree of patience you have in your daily life? If not, what can you do to cultivate more of this quality in your life? 

I am not as patient as I used to be and no I am not happy with my patience at this time. I am going to be trying a pill to help me with anxiety when we get home from Montana. 

4. Do you like the flavor cinnamon? If so what's your favorite something made with cinnamon? 

Yes, I like the flavor of cinnamon. I think my favorite is that cake that we got from Strawberry Hill. We only order it about once a year when they have buy one get on free. Then we slice it frozen and put two in baggies and put them back in the freezer. I actually want to start using cinnamon more because it can be a healthy addition to your diet. It certainly is not healthy in the cake we order. 

"In addition to being an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, antimicrobial, anticancer, lipid-lowering, and cardiovascular-disease-lowering compound, cinnamon has also been reported to have activities against neurological disorders, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases."

5. Learn by watching or learn by doing? Elaborate. 

I think I learn by watching but also doing. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Our drive to Montana was the worst we have experienced in the six years we have been driving here. Once we hit Idaho we ran into some terrible weather and it continued all the way through Montana to Great Falls. We went through 3 different stormes. 

The first storm was pretty much rain, then some snow and hail. The second storm was similar but it was through a different elevation and was sticking to the car but not on the road thankfully. 

Then the third storm was lighting, thunder, rain, snow and hail. This time it was sticking to the ground and we were going through a very curvy road through the mountains. It was not fun at all. 

We were actually at Amber and Dylan's later than we expected to arrive. But we did make it so all was well. It also rained the next two days after we got her with some snow too! Not sure if you can watch this video.


MadSnapper said...

scary video, and I don't like storms even in the house, sorry about all the bad weather, hope you get some good days for having fun.
I do our taxes online, now that we are retired, before that I paid someone.
we were just talking about cinnamon and its benefits a couple of days ago, while eating the apples I cooked with a ton of cinnamon in them.. my cousin took capsules with cinnamon to help with diabetes and his kidney problems.
have a good time and prayers the return trip will be bright and sunny

Mevely317 said...

I'm so sorry that road trip was so awful! I'd have been white-knuckling the steering wheel like crazy. Love cinnamon, but can't figure why I don't use it more often. Back when Tom was going through chemo and radiation, I remember hearing that honey and cinnamon was good for fighting those cancer cells.
I still have that site for the yummy cake bookmarked, but haven't pushed the 'buy' button just yet. That's a good idea to look for the buy-one-get-one-free offer.

Enjoy your day!

Carla from The River said...

Hi, I am so happy you made it to Montana .. safe and sound. Enjoy your time with family.
Thank you for the info on cinnamon!! We can not go wrong liking cinnamon. :-)

Ann said...

That does not look like a fun drive. I hate driving in weather like that. Glad you made it there safe and sound.
I do my own taxes. Wade used to do them and the first year after he passed away I took them somewhere. After that it's pretty easy for mine so I just do them.
Patience? Nope, never have been.

ellen b. said...

Yikes your trek to Montana did sound like an ordeal. I'm glad you made it and hope your return trip is more calm! Enjoy your time with your loved ones!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Do you complete your own tax returns or hire out? Something you've found taxing lately.

I personal have never had to do a tax return, Tim does his own. What I find taxing is dealing with my body.

It's spring (in the northern hemisphere anyway)...would you rather spend the day hiking in the great outdoors or planting a garden? Do you/will you have a garden this year? Flowers, vegetables, or a bit of both?

Me and gardening do not mix.
Do you consider yourself a patient person? In what sort of situation is patience not desirable? Are you happy with the degree of patience you have in your daily life? If not, what can you do to cultivate more of this quality in your life?

I am overall a pretty patient person.

Do you like the flavour cinnamon? If so what's your favourite something made with cinnamon?
The only time I have cinnamon I on donuts.

Learn by watching or learn by doing? Elaborate
A bit of both, one needs to first listen before doing.

Insert your own random thought here.
My father taught me that everyone needs some money of their own, no one should have to ask for money to buy a drink while out shopping, we all should have our own bank account and cash in our wallet or purse.

Sparky said...

When I was working I did our own taxes. Then I became lazy and started hiring a CPA. That's too expensive, so, guess I'm back to doing our own again. No biggy. I did that for a living many moons ago.
I do love to garden but have pared back lately. Too "taxing" on the 'ol bod'. lol
Montana is so pretty. I wish I could take the brutal winters. Wouldn't mind living there otherwise.

Joyce said...

I could see the video and it sounds like ice, which is super scary. So glad you had a safe trip and I hope you enjoy your visit. I've never been to Montana but it's for sure on my list! I never think about freezing cake but am going to try to remember that for next time. Enjoy your family and time away!

CheerfulMonk said...

I'm glad you made it safely and hope you have a wonderful visit and good weather for the trip home. Andy grew up in Montana and we visited his folks there for years. The winters are brutal!

Susan said...

I hope your drive back is calmer! I would love to have a garden. Maybe I will get some large pots that are not being used and plant tomatoes and zucchini.

photowannabe said...

Hmmm, I thought I had commented on your post..I guess I didn't..
Love all your purchases from the Thrift store and those baby quilts are going to be precious.
Summer looks wonderful and I'm glad you can have some time with her.
How fun to again do the Book Fair. You and your sweet daughter make an awesome team.
Gosh your Louis Dean is one handsome guy. Hang on to him..(:0)

Kirstin said...

Montana is on my list of places to visit. Sorry your drive was terrible.

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